Links for When Love Lingers

It’s live!! When Love Lingers is available for purchase now. I can’t believe I’m publishing my second book. I’ll give you a little insight. While I wrote When Love Waits, it was always my idea that Emma and Kyle would get back together. But every time I tried, it just didn’t work. I always thought Cailyn would get together with Jack. It took a while to figure out who suited whom better and once I (and they) figured it out, everything seemed to flow. I think the right couples are together now for the right reasons.

As far as Emma and Cailyn go, they were the start of the whole thing. My best friend and I had some crazy adventures in high school.  I don’t think she’ll tell her daughter about some of them until she’s out of high school. What I remember about our adventures is the fact that we had fun and they still help hold us together. I moved away a few years after high school, but we can go months without talking and still pick up where we left off. Though I try not to let that much time go by in between phone calls if I can help it.

That was always the basis for Emma and Cailyn. They each have their own lives, yet when they’re together, they still fall into silly teenage girl mode together when the mood calls for it. Thankfully, my hubby and her hubby have learned to walk away, but not before providing chocolate, and let us get it out of our systems before we try to do anything as a group. (Thanks guys!)

I’m excited for you all to get to know Cailyn and Kyle. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Here are the links!  Available now at Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback. Also at Barnes and Noble for Nook.


P.S. – KB, do you realize how difficult it was not to spill some of our adventures?? LOL

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