Spring Break

Washington's route 1781

I have fallen off the grid! Well, I’m holding on by a thread truthfully.  I didn’t realize just how much teaching was going to exhaust the mind. After spending almost 13 years at a relatively easy job, my brain still has not adjusted to the rigor.

Writing, therefore, has somewhat fallen by the wayside. During the breaks, I make up for it. The plan for spring break, which started Friday, is to finish the rough draft of the next historical. This one features Ellsbeth’s best friend Annabeth Polter Smyth and her son Walter. There’s a brief appearance by General Washington and the Comte de Rochambeau.

The story begins on Newport island, where we first met the Greenes and Polters. Things have changed on the island since the British Army decamped and the French Army arrived. Annabeth now finds herself in a rather dangerous situation. Sergeant Major Benjamin Anstruther is there when her life begins to fall apart.

Here’s a small snippet from the next book in the Heroes, Hearts, and Honor series.

“Mrs. Smyth.” He said as they approached.
She nodded at he and Rainey before returning her gaze out over the water. Boats bobbed up and down with the lull of the water, their sails tethered to the masts for the night. Come the tide, the sails would unfurl and the harbor would be partially blocked by billowing white fabric. Rainey had the good sense to continue down the wharf, leaving them alone.
The waxing moon glinted off the water and he could just make out the worry lines creasing her forehead. Had he been too forward in asking her to accompany him? Lord, it had been years since he’d worried so much about what a woman thought about him yet here he was feeling like a child.
“Are you having second thoughts about attending General Washington’s welcome ball with me?”
“No. Mama has been pestering me to attend. I’m glad to attend with you instead of some of the French officers who’d asked. I’ve not been any more impressed with their behavior than I was the British while they were here on the island.”
Benjamin let the breath out, grateful she didn’t regret her decision.
“Do you mind if I ask what bothers you? It’s a bit cold out to simply be admiring the scenery.”
He’d hoped to get a small smile from her but instead the frown increased.
“Just some news I received today from my husband’s family.”
The word husband had the same effect as a blow to the gut. How could he forget she was married? The time he spent with her would simply be borrowed.
“Was there a death in his family? Does it affect you or your son?”
She sighed. “Yes to both. They seem to think that since I am now raising their grandson alone, that I should send him to be put under their care so that he can be raised in the same manner as his father.”
Alone? That one word stood out from everything else she’d said.

Keep an eye out for more updates. The plan is to release the book sometime either late summer or early fall 2017.

Hope you have a great week and a fantastic first day of Spring when it arrives.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. So glad to see you’re back on track, Mel. Hold on tight. This is how I started writing the 100 words a day. I had a job that sucked the life out of me and, between the commute and the 10 hour shift, I was a zombie. I figured if I could write a mere 100 words each night, I could stay in the story. ..I’m still in the story

    1. I’ve actually been trying to do that since Christmas. I’ll write a little bit at least 2 or 3 nights a week then a big burst on the weekend. Eventually I’ll figure out the method that works best.

  2. Being in a classroom has challenges of its own, and it’ll drain you, sure. As a sub, I’m screaming for a nap when I get home, and I don’t have a fraction of the responsibilities I once had, and you now have. Hopefully, some of those kids will become inspired to follow in your steps and join the fraternity/sorority of writers.

    Best of luck with your new work as you work in the “cracks.” Summertime is not too far away.

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