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Looking for something with real talk about the situations young woman face as they enter adulthood? Check out the Confidence Series.

Through Paige’s Eyes

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Releasing June 30th.

Growing up with a beautiful mother isn’t always easy. Especially when you look just like her and she happens to be the woman most men crave…and have tasted.

Paige Nelson is sexually conservative thanks in part to having a hyper-sexual mother. Her mother flaunts her figure while Paige does everything to hide hers. She would love to experience a satisfying, physical relationship just once in her life. As of high school graduation, she has yet to find someone who hasn’t slept with her mother and would date her just for the opportunity to compare the two. Paige moves three thousand miles away in order to get a fresh start.

Not only does Paige discover a passion for history, she finds someone to love her for herself and does everything to show here that she is worthy of respect. Thanks to his love, she finds her confidence and realizes that enjoying sex does not make her a slut, nor does denying someone sex make her a cold-hearted bitch.

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