Rosewood Falls novellas

flower book 1

Lily Foster married right out of college. After three wonderful years of marriage, her dreams are shattered by an impulsive decision. Unable to forgive, she immediately files for divorce and hasn’t seen her ex-husband since. Now her friend Flora Magnus is getting married, with Lily as her maid of honor. The privilege turns into a nightmare when she finds out her ex is the best man. Can she survive a week of wedding preparations with Joe’s presence as a constant reminder of what she lost?

Joe Foster accepts the duties of best man for his long-time friend Bryson Mitchell knowing it could cause the maid of honor to bolt. Joe hopes he can get Lily to at least talk to him during the week they’ll be together. For three years he’s longed for a chance to just talk to her. When he finally discovers the full reason why she left, will he be able to convince her to give their relationship another shot? Or has his honor been tarnished beyond repair?

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flower book 2Iris Sharpe is a Charleston born Southern belle filled with poise and grace now living in Denver. Her mother wants her to move home and marry into an established southern family. Iris only has eyes for Thorne, the man who causes her poise and grace to disappear whenever he comes within ten feet of her. The man who would fulfill all her dreams if she could just stop spilling her drinks on him and literally falling into his lap. Flora’s wedding might be her last chance to show him she really can be the woman of his dreams.

Thorne Hamilton can’t wait to spend the week with his friends and enjoy their company and celebrate Bryson’s wedding. He’s also secretly anxious to see what Iris will do next. The guys constantly rib him about his cleaning bills, but truthfully he likes the attention Iris gives him even if is at the expense of his wardrobe. Immersed in wedding preparation, not only does Iris practically ignore him throughout the week, she doesn’t spill or drop anything on him. Thorne realizes he not only misses her attention, he wants more from her. He wants the whole package.

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flower book 3Finding a man has never been a problem for Heather Baker. Smart and beautiful, her friends tell her she should have been a lawyer instead of a Hollywood set designer. Determined to have fun at Flora and Bryson’s wedding, she’s set her sights on Colum Murray. They’ve flirted for years, but one or the other never seemed available for a weekend fling. But what Heather expects and what she gets are two totally different things. She fears she could fall for Colum, something she never intended.

Arriving for his friend Bryson’s wedding, Colum Murray knows he’ll be fending off the advances of Heather. Which is something any sane, single man would tell him was a stupid idea. Colum doesn’t want to be just another notch in Heather’s belt, he wants to be more. Instead of being just another man to her, he sets out to show her how it feels to be courted. When he decides to ramp up the heat between them without removing a stitch of clothing, Colum’s plan just might backfire on him.

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flower book 4 (1)Raising her daughter Sienna is Daisy Sappington’s first priority. On her trips to Rosewood Falls to visit her friend Flora, Daisy has slowly gotten to know Sam Magnus. With Sienna acting as flower girl in Flora’s wedding, she’ll be forced to spend time with Sam. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t tempt her to forget the promise she made to herself.

For the first time since his divorce, Sam is contemplating dating again. Unfortunately the object of his affection has no intention of allowing his advances. He and his son Nick are traveling to Rosewood Falls for his cousin’s wedding. He’s determined to try one last time to convince Daisy its possible to raise a child and follow your heart.

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flower book 5Aster Lewis doesn’t give her heart away easily. Her matchmaking friend Flora set up a blind date with Evan Fitzgerald, a co-worker of Flora’s fiancé Bryson. While not exclusive, the relationship held promise until she was swept completely off her feet by Derrick. After being manipulated and utterly humiliated in front of her friends and family, Aster is done with relationships.

Evan Fitzgerald let his wounded pride keep him from stopping the woman who holds his heart from marrying another man. When circumstances give him another chance, Evan does his best to convince Aster not all men are like her ex. Goading her into attending their friends’ wedding, he hopes she’ll realize never is a really long time to be without love.

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flower book 6Available December 31st.