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When Love Trilogy:

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WLW final ebookRGBWhen Love Waits

ebook:  AmazonUS  Kobo   Inktera     Google Play  iTunes  Barnes & Noble  Scribd  Thalia.de

Print:   CreateSpace   Amazon


WLL final ebook RGB flatWhen Love Lingers

ebook:   AmazonUS    Kobo    Inktera    Google Play    iTunes    Barnes & Noble    Scribd   Thalia.de

Print:   CreateSpace    Amazon


WLP final ebook flatWhen Love Prospers

ebook: AmazonUS    Kobo    Inktera    Google Play    iTunes    Barnes & Noble    Scribd    Thalia.de

Print:   CreateSpace    Amazon



Heroes, Hearts and Honor historical series:

Full description found here.


For Honor or Love


Amazon  Kobo  iTunes  Barnes & Noble

Print: Amazon  CreateSpace


Confidence Series:

Full descriptions found here.

Cover - Front

Through Paige’s Eyes

Releasing June 30th

ebook: Amazon  iTunes  Kobo  Barnes&Noble   Thalia.de

Single Title Romances:

ebook_cover Renaissance Wench

ebook:   Amazon   Kobo   Inktera   Google Books  iTunes   Barnes & Noble   Scribd  Thalia.de

Print:   Amazon   CreateSpace

Full Description


The Path to You - ebook 1600x900The Path to You

ebook:  Amazon   Kobo  Inktera Google Books  iTunes   Barnes & Noble   Scribd  Thalia.de

Print:  Amazon  CreateSpace



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