A new novel from yours truly.

I mentioned it in last week’s post that I’m working on edits for my next novel. It’s titled “Through Paige’s Eyes and is my first New Adult Novel.

On Saturday, April 2nd, Behind the Coverz is doing a cover reveal for the book. As with the story, the cover has evolved as I tried to decide what I wanted the cover to convey. This was actually one of the more difficult covers for me to visualize. Luckily, I wasn’t alone in the venture. It’s a Facebook event, so anyone can attend. There will be advanced reader copy giveaways, author takeovers, and snippets from the book.

Why try New Adult? Well, that actually wasn’t my intention. I was letting For Honor or Love rest before doing the final edits for publication. This story, Paige’s story, just wouldn’t go away. I’m not really sure why it popped into my mind, but once there, it wouldn’t leave. I’m talking, at all. It was the most all consuming thing I’d experienced since writing which told me that it had to be written.

Paige comes from a dysfunctional family (hell, who doesn’t nowadays) where what Mom says goes and Paige is tired of being compared to her mother. The resemblance is impossible to ignore which is part of what causes so much of the problems between Paige and her family. Paige is conservative when it comes to sex whereas her parents are definitely not. Her  solution is to essentially run away and she soon discovers that is the not the way to handle the situation at home.

With the help of some new friends, Paige learns to let go while still sticking to what she feels is right for her.

Curious? Stop by the event for more teasers. Hope to see you there.



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