New Release! The Path to You

It’s release day!!!! My fifth book is now out there for the world to consume. It’s been an interesting ride with this one. I’m beginning to think my books need to sit for a few years before I go back to release them. Either that, or it takes me that long to build up the confidence if it’s something I think is a bit different.

Here’s the print book cover.

The Path to You copy











An arranged marriage in the 21st century? That’s exactly what happens to Elena. Instead of focusing on starting her career directly after graduation, she now has to plan a marriage to the one person who caused her the most grief when they were younger, a man she used to call her best friend. As Elena researches her final paper, strange entries in local journals and the lack of formal documentation bring her closer to finding a way to end the forced engagement.

Alec, on the other hand, has other ideas. The idea of an arranged marriage isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. His biggest challenge will be making amends for all the cruel and hurtful things he did to Elena in high school. Her research brings them to the point where they must make a decision: doing what’s expected or doing what’s right…even if it costs them each other.

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Thanks for putting up with me today. I’ll be all over the place trying to promote the book and talking with readers. Have a great day, and everyone dealing with rain from the tropical storm in the Gulf and the front in the Midwest, stay safe and dry.



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