A to Z Challenge – Z

And we’re at the end!! Now I know why I waited so long to participate. It’s a struggle, a challenge, and can be time consuming writing a thoughtful blog and then visiting enough blogs in the process. I will say though, it was worth it. There are some highly creative people out there and it’s been fun connecting with so many new people. Will I participate next year? Ask me in March! 😉 On to the end.

Z is for Zealous. From Merriam Webster. adj (1535) filled with or characterized by zeal. (zeal – an eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something: fervor, passion)

This is a tricky one. When one person is zealous in their pursuit of something, it can be seen by others to be an obsession or demanding personality or overbearing instead of passionate. They can be overzealous in their attentions and end up ruining the very thing they were trying to achieve.

I know this will probably anger a few readers, but OVERzealous is how I see Christian Grey. He wants Ana so badly that he essentially becomes a controlling stalker in order to get her. (My view of the first book) To me, that was a huge turn off. He never really gave Ana a chance to reveal anything about herself in her own time. I didn’t read the second or third books so I don’t know if he changed his approach to the relationship or not.

I also see this a lot in society today. With all the information we put out on social media, it’s easy to feel like you ‘know’ a person before you ever physically talk to them. Upon meeting that person, sometimes we’re disappointed because they don’t quite match up to the somewhat idealized version of them that lives in our minds. Also, ever hear of chemistry? Don’t underestimate it. I was once set up by a friend with one of her husband’s friends. We talked on the phone a few times and hit it off. Once we met in person? Yeah, no. Oil and water, no chemistry, no nothing. We didn’t even think we’d make good friends. We both went our separate ways and are better for it. Even though we’d found out about each other, no amount of work would have made it work.

If that’s the case, take it as a learning experience and find the one you’re meant to be with. Be zealous in finding out from that person what their likes and dislikes are. Spend time face to face. The nuances of body language can sometimes tell you more than an essay’s worth of words. Instead of Facebook stalking your love, spend time with them. Ask just about any reader and they’ll tell you the most touching scenes in a book aren’t the big gestures, the boyfriend who knows all about you, or the billionaire whisking his love away to some foreign destination. It’s the touch of fingertips on your cheek, the shimmer of his breath across your skin, a kiss just at the base of the neck. If you’ve been zealous in your relationship and worked on it face to face, those things are things you learn and will make more of a difference than the information you find online.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts for the A to Z Challenge of Why People Read Romance. I’m thankful to all of you who’ve stopped by, commented, liked posts, and followed the blog. I hope you had fun during the challenge and hope to see you pop up occasionally throughout the year!






4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Z

  1. Congrats on making it to the finish line!!! Now that this challenge is finished I look forward to FINALLY getting you that email! I haven’t forgotten!!

    Looking forward to many more discussions and convos! ❤

  2. It does feel good to reach the end of the challenge, huh? I feel a bit frazzled, but my brain is already working on ideas for the next *three* A to Z challenges. HA!

    I like how you applied zealous to romance, and to social media.

    1. Oh my! The next three? I don’t even want to think about next year yet. Thanks for the compliment. If nothing else, the challenge was a reminder to myself of why I read romance. Now I’m having to shift gears and get into edit mode for the next release.

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