A to Z Challenge – X

We’ve reached the end!!! Only three more A to Z posts. Today’s word is brought to you by… the dictionary! Yep, digging deep for these last few letters.

A2Z X is for Xenomorphic. From Dictionary.com (Sorry MW, you didn’t have the definition) adj. (1885-90) in an unusual form; having a strange form

Having a strange form. Huh? I know. But go with me on this one. How many times have you had a friend fall head over heels in love and become a person you don’t recognize?  They act differently, they start talking all silly around their new love, and they’re just weird.

Love comes in all forms and fashions. Some feel the need to better themselves – new wardrobe, new hairdo/color, and new set of friends in order to fit into their love’s life. Some become the smotherer, the mother, the nagger, the worrier, the velcro half of another.

Our friends lives’ change shape, the form of our groups change. You either lose the friend or gain the significant other depending on how well they fit with the group. This dynamic is tackled in romances. Either in historicals where the woman moves where her husband resides and has to make an entirely new life or in contemporaries where women try to hold onto their friends and vow to meet every so often to reconnect and not lose touch with each other.

Life is about change and sometimes we don’t like the shape of things. Those characters readers end up caring about find a way to morph with the change, find the positive in it, and move on.

How has your life form morphed after finding love?






2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – X

  1. Great X word!! I love how you related it to love and change.

    I thought about my brother’s widow who remarried and seemed to morph into a different person… doing adventurous things that didn’t quite fit my perception of her. Life (and death) brings change, for sure.

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