A to Z Challenge – T

Today’s prompt was provided by Bella Bryce and M. Alan Mills (my cousin). After finding an article online, I found that the two go hand in hand.

A2Z T is for Transparency and Trust. From Merriam Webster. transparency n. (1591)the quality or state of being transparent.

trust n. (13c) assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

I thought to use only one of the words but then decided that you really can’t have transparency without trust. I’ve read so many romances where the characters have a secret between them that breaks up the relationship. Sometimes it really is something difficult to tell the other person. Oft times, it seems like something that should have been said from the beginning and becomes such an easy obstacle to overcome that the author loses the reader.

Is it difficult to be transparent in a relationship? Absolutely. And for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply because we’ve lived so long by ourselves that we don’t think to tell the person things; especially little things.  Sometimes, it’s something so big or horrific that we think the other person will run as fast as they can in the opposite direction once they discover our secret.

Trust is built, earned, and once lost, difficult to rebuild. I know there are stories out there where a person cheats, comes clean and the romance is more about rediscovering the love they once shared rather than divorce and finding a new trustworthy love.  This could also apply to people who steal or to those who walk away because their secret makes them think it’s the only way to survive.

When trust is there in the relationship, it becomes easier to tell them everything and more difficult not to. I think that is when the guilt kicks in because we’ve reached a point where we’re hiding, which then becomes a tool of destroying that trust – when the transparency once enjoyed becomes clouded and murky. I’m not talking about gifts or surprises.  I’m talking about when you’ve talked with an ex or about the guy or girl at work who constantly hits on you.

Romance is built on love, which cannot exist in its truest state without trust. If we’re not transparent and organic in our relationship, how can you have romance?

Do you agree with being transparent with your partner?


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