Authors in Bloom Blog Hop Winners!!!

First, thanks to Dianne Venetta for organizing the hope again this year.

I want to announce my winner. Sarah Miles! Congrats!!! She won a copy of one of my ebooks.

The grand prize winner for the overall blog hop was Elizabeth H.

I want to thank everyone for stopping by the blog. I’ll be trying a few of your recipe ideas once the tomatoes are ready to pick. At last count, there were fifteen little guys but they’re not ready to pick. It doesn’t look like the strawberries are going to make. Despite being in a draining container, I still think they got too much water from the rain we’ve had recently.

I was also able to add to the Fairy Garden over the last few weeks. Not done yet, but I’m not really sure what else to add. My friend sent me an idea of using a broken terra cotta pot and making a staircase inside it that goes to the top. May have to try that. 🙂

Here are a few pics for you to see just how much my little, tiny garden has grown since the beginning of the month.

March 28th – In the ground! Tomatoes and cucumbers, tiny fairy garden started.


April 8th. Quite a bit of rain and the Hubby added a few flowers for me.


April 11th. The Fairy Garden expanded!! Flowers, hidey spots, a bath spot, gated entrance and swing. Even a tiny weather vane in case they need to know what direction to fly 🙂


April 18th. Put a few stablizer sticks up for the cucumbers, which they’ve latched on to. I need to get in there and weed. The baby tomatoes are near the bottom and the plants are so tall you can’t even see the Fairy Garden unless you’re next to it.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog during the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop. I hope you found a few new authors you like and won some cool prizes!



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