AtoZ Challenge – P

 We’re going with a three-fer today. I had three great suggestions and I can’t choose just one. Thanks to Virginia Nelson, Sharon Sala, and Judy McDonough for the great words.

A2Z Pis for possibility – n. (14c) the condition or fact being possible
is for poignantadj. (14c) painfully affecting the feelingsis for passionn. (13c) 2) suffering 3) intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

These three words are so intertwined, it’s unbelievable. I’ve had several suggestions for words on previous letters but I’m writing organically here and tying them all together.

In the pages of a romance, and in life, a driving passion opens the world up for great possibilities. When we lose that passion, we mourn it poignantly. What I thought was interesting was the suffering and pain listed in two of the definitions.

Again, it comes to the storytelling. I’m sitting here watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its an episode about the end of the world…again. Glorificus is about to kill Dawn and Buffy has to make a decision about who must die in order to save the rest.  She’s become passionate about her duties as a slayer by this point. Every evil she destroys opens a world of possibilities that weren’t there before that entity was killed. Buffy’s decision becomes poignant for the viewer when we realize just what this decision will cost her. This is one of the episodes written by creator Joss Whedon. I feel a bit behind the curve because I watched Buffy before I seriously thought about being a writer. Now that I go back and watch the episodes with a different eye, I see how I got sucked into his stories and just how great of a storyteller he is.

Sometimes I hear readers say that they’re really tired of writers putting their characters through so many situations that hurt them and tear them from their passions.  These same readers then say a book is too boring when things go great for the character. Smooth is boring. Less stressful, but boring. No one’s life always goes the way they want. The road is not always smooth. Heartaches happen, possibilities are limited by our responsibilities in real life. There is a line that needs to be walked because some scenarios not only don’t make sense for the character, they feel forced.

I’m going to leave it to you to tie these three together.  I’m curious to see what you come up with.


Tomorrow the winners will be announced for the Authors In Bloom Blog Hop. Check back to see if you won!

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