AtoZ Challenge – N

 Continuing on with the ‘why people read romance’ theme.


A2Z Nis for new. From Merriam-Webster: adj. (bef. 12c) having recently come into existence.

New. How many times do we think about getting something because it’s new. Clothing, plants for the yard, boyfriends/girlfriends, a new vacation spot. New is exciting. New is fun. New is unknown.

For me, new in romance is that first feeling when you meet the one, or the person who could be the one. The newness of discovering the nuances of that person. Their likes, dislikes, desires. Sometimes in a long term relationship, we feel the newness has worn off. We feel we know everything about the other person and almost that there’s nothing new to discover.

And that, fair readers, is where relationships fail. Where the romance dies. I saw a discussion on Facebook the other day about whether or not couples leave the bathroom door open when they’re using the facilities. Quite a few of the comments said no because they’re mothers had told them that women were meant to keep somethings a mystery. The ensuing discussion was hilarious, to say the least.

Why do I bring up such a subject when talking about romance? While I understand the need for privacy and being raised to keep such things private, and the fact that woman are told often that we’re not supposed to sweat, pass gas, or essentially show that we’re not human, and to me, that seems like such a disservice to both people in the relationship. I’m not saying get all gross. I’m saying, let the other person in. Have to share a bathroom and get ready together every morning? Change up the routine a little. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and it can start with something as easy getting ready for work. A slight change, doing something new, can make a long-term relationship feel new.

For me, reading a good romance book, with characters I care about can let me feel that newness of a fledgling romance.  You know, they can almost be like those self-help books lining the shelves. Is what the character does to renew, build a relationship something that might work for me? There are some pretty smart ladies (and men!) writing these books and I just might be able to learn something.

Not only am I enjoying the stories, but sometimes, I read about something that can help bring back that new feeling to the relationship.

How do you keep your relationships feeling new?


I’m also participating in the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop from April 8-17. You can read that post here. Leave a comment for a chance to win one of my books!


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