AtoZ Challenge – L

 Continuing on with the why people read romance theme.

A2Z Lis for love. From Merriam-Webster: n. (bef. 12c.) strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. attraction based on sexual desire. affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests.

The definition struck me funny because my original word for K was Kinship. But Love has taken care of that for me.

Ah, l’amour. Amore. Liebe. Laska. Love. Whatever you call it, this is something felt worldwide. Something just about everyone on this great big planet can relate to.

Come on, now. Did you really think I was going to leave out love when talking about why people read romance? No way!! Is the big L word. There are so many variations of the theme in romance books. You have the lost loves given a second chance, first loves finding each other. Late in life love, rediscovering love in a long-term relationship. Don’t forget about unrequited,  unending, and forbidden.

People who don’t read romance novels or don’t like them say it’s schmaltzy, cheesy, unrealistic, etc . Love is what makes romance novels great. Why? Because love is something different for every person. And no other place than the romance genre can you find something for everyone.

Love is kind. Patient. A look across a room. A touch, a smile, a hug. It’s the grand gesture or the simplest thing. A diamond necklace or a fresh picked spring wildflower. Love’s definition is different for everyone. What we expect from love is different. And that’s also what I like about romance. Characters aren’t allowed to let love pass them by. Characters aren’t allowed to let disagreements go on too long. Love is something to strive for. High expectations are something to strive for, not be ridiculed for. Romance books can sometimes give us that push we need to go after what we want.

What are your expectations of love?


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3 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge – L

  1. Excellent choice. Love is powerful in literature, even if the work isn’t a “romance” by definition. I happen to love having a love interest (though it can be a family member or a friend as well) because loving someone makes the characters more vulnerable and there more at stake for them.

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