AtoZ Challenge – J

A2Z J is for joy . From Merriam-Webster: n. (13c.) the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.

Okay, so I don’t so much like that last part about possessing, but we’ll keep it because I don’t want to edit the definition. To continue on the theme from out H post, happiness and joy, by definition are completely different things.

How does this apply to romance you ask? Hmm. Let’s start here. Ever notice how we never notice the nasty, ugly things around us when we’re happy? Yet when we’re feeling low and nothing seems to be going right, those nasty, ugly things are everywhere? They didn’t just appear when someone is at their lowest, they’re always there.

When we’re full of joy, life is easier. Now I’m not saying go out and buy everything that makes you feel that way. That would just be financially irresponsible. I’m saying find things that give you joy and will bring longer lasting happiness. Now, see how those two work together?

As far as romance, reading them gives some of us the joy we’re looking for, for a few hours at least. Sometimes, that little slice of joy from reading about how someone else, fictional or real, was able to overcome their obstacles and find the joy in their life. And sometimes, that little slice of joy can help overcome a bit of the despair of feelings of being overwhelmed we may be experiencing. Find the joy, let it make you happy.

What things have brought you joy?


I’m also participating in the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop from April 8-17. You can read that post here. Leave a comment for a chance to win one of my books!


6 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge – J

  1. My family brings me joy. My dog brings me joy. The nature around me brings me joy – as do books, wood fires, honeysuckle and making things. But most of all I think the best joy comes from when you learn to love yourself 🙂

  2. We all need more things that bring us joy. 😀

    I have obvious things, like my kids, who always do the craziest things to bring me joy. Hugs! I love hugs! But I also find lots of little things – books, movies, Tom Hiddleston. 😉 Whatever it is – anything that makes me smile.

    Good post. Visiting from the A to Z.

  3. My children and my grandchildren bring me joy. Even when I’m down, all I need is a visit from the grandsons and I have joy in my life once again!

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