AtoZ Challenge – G

A2Z G is for genuine. From Merriam-Webster: adj. (ca. 1639) sincerely and honestly felt or experienced.

Does any one else have a problem with how easily people bandy around the phrase ‘I love you’? It irritates me to no end when people expect me to tell them I love them after just meeting them.

Those words, for me, are something reserved for those close to me and those whom I feel deeply for.  It’s not a rote response for me. I hear so many kids just tell anyone they love them and I wonder if it’s genuine. Is it something they feel deeply, in their heart and soul? Or is it something they say because so many of their friends do it? 

I’ve heard people say it takes too long for characters to say they love each other.  I disagree (unless it’s like book 7 of a series and they’re just now getting around to it.). I’m reading it thinking thank goodness they waited to see if the love they felt was genuine or simply lust.

Genuine feelings are scary and difficult to deal with. And they are much appreciated in books if the reviews are true. Being genuine is tough. It means knowing how you feel, acknowledging that feeling, and then deciding how worthy the other person is of your time and energy.

When that happens, those genuine feelings, and people, enrich your lives. Good stories provide those type of people.

What disingenuous feeling/expression irritates you?


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