AtoZ Challenge – F

There is, and I think, always will be, condemnation toward authors who write romance and those who read it. I’m going to use my first A to Z Challenge to give those who may not already know, the reasons why romance stories are still so appealing.

Today’s word is contributed by Judy McDonough.

  A2Z Fis for flutters. From Merriam-Webster: n. (1641) A state of nervous confusion or excitement.

Oh, you know that feeling. You see them, standing across the room and suddenly your heart creates these strange sensations in your chest, your breathing is erratic and your stomach won’t stop doing somersaults? Yeah, that feeling. That fluttering.

If you’re in a devoted relationship, those flutters may not happen as frequently as they did in the beginning. And that’s okay. Just as long as they don’t stop completely. Romance readers still get those fluttery feelings when they read. Heroes that make us swoon. That perfect line that makes us sigh. That instant you know the characters feel the same chemistry and can finally act on it.

Flutters. We feel them as we read. And, as comes with exploring our relationships, we can use those flutters to our advantage in real life. (I’ll leave that to you and your imaginations!) For me, the moment something doesn’t make my heart flutter will be the moment I know I’ve stopped enjoying life. I still get flutters when we touch down in a new city on vacation. I also still get the flutters when I see my husband across the room.

Find what makes your heart flutter.

What has your significant other done to make your heart flutter?


Find out what the A to Z Challenge is here.


5 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge – F

  1. I know a lot of people frown on romance novels but there are different qualities of novels within the romance genre. I don’t read a lot of romance anymore but I still enjoy one from time to time.

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