AtoZ Challenge – E

There is, and I think, always will be, condemnation toward authors who write romance and those who read it. I’m going to use my first A to Z Challenge to give those who may not already know, the reasons why romance stories are still so appealing.

Today’s word is contributed by Charlayne Denney

A2Z Eis for Exploration. From Merriam-Webster: n. (1537) . The act or an instance of exploring.

Well, that’s a little blunt. In romance, there’s always exploring happening. Whether it’s exploring the depths of your heart and desires, exploring a new sexual side of yourself, exploring the aisles of the new adult shop in town or exploring new ways to keep your relationship exciting. The key is to never stop.

People’s tastes and likes change over the years. This is true not only for food, but what they’re willing to deal with or want in a relationship. Suddenly your partner isn’t content with going to the same vacation spot year after year. (Lord knows I’m not). Use that opportunity. Explore the reasons why? Did they read something about the new place? Do they feel stuck in a rut and want to try something new? Do they simply want a change from the hum-drum routine their life has become?

Explore each other. Try new things – inside the bedroom and out. I think this is one reason romance is still so popular, and still so demonized. Writers talk about taboo subjects, uncomfortable subjects. With the explosion of ereaders and ebooks, more readers are finding a way to discreetly explore their passions. And those don’t have to be sexual. It could be reading the latest murder thriller and not having to worry about people seeing the cover and thinking you’re plotting to be the next big serial killer. It could be reading one of the many sub-genres of romance that others may think of as silly.

The key is to never stop exploring. Find those things that keep the relationship spicy and interesting.

What ways have romance (or books in general) caused you to explore something you might not have?


Find out what the A to Z Challenge is here.


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