AtoZ Challenge – C

There is, and I think, always will be, condemnation toward authors who write romance and those who read it. I’m going to use my first A to Z Challenge to give those who may not already know, the reasons why romance stories are still so appealing.


is for caste. From Merrium-Webster’s. (1613). 2: A division of society based on differences of wealth, inherited rank or privilege, profession, occupation, or race.

This is a common theme in romance. The commoner and the Lord, Prince or Princess, insert royal title here. The guy from the wrong side of the tracks and the debutante. You get where I’m going with this, right?

So, why is this such a staple in romance and how is it a good thing? No matter how unrealistic it may seem, it has obviously happened. Fiction is usually based on truth. There are two perfect examples. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and of course, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

It gives those of use who have no “pedigree” the chance to dream that we may also have that same opportunity. And a lot of us who read romance secretly wish things like this would happen. Something to take us away from the reality of getting up to an alarm to drag ourselves to the daily grind. And for those who feel frayed at the edges, the opportunity to hire a bit of help, guilt-free.

Reading about escaping the caste a person is born into and is able to rise above or improve upon can be the thing someone needs to get them thinking about improving their situation or possibly see someone they’ve been told is ‘beneath them’ in a different light. It’s a way to see different realities in the world.

Are you one of those people who’ve ‘caste’ your lot in with someone from a different race, financial, or status background? 😉



Find out what the A to Z Challenge is here.


5 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge – C

  1. Obviously you’re talking about books, but one of the best movies ever was Roman Holiday, more or less about this very topic. I agree completely, and I love reading those stories.

  2. I don’t touch on this much. I try to elevate everyone, including the bad guys and all the people I kill off. Which are a lot,

    And thanks for participating in A to Z!

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