AtoZ Challenge – B

Continuing the theme of why readers love romance…


is for babies. From Merrium-Webster. Baby n. (14th cent) and extremely young child or animal. Something that is one’s special responsibility, achievement, or interest.

That second part of the definition took me a second to realize it wasn’t talking about an infant. But it will work for this purpose.

We gush over babies. Not all of us, but enough for it to sometimes be embarrassing how silly we get around the wee things. We also gush over projects that we consider our babies. Things that have been wrought from our own hands and brought to life, so to speak. The one thing both types of babies have in common? They both take up a LOT of time, care, nurturing, and money.

How, you might ask, does this apply to romance? Well. Babies have played a multitude of roles in romance. The unwanted baby that makes the mother forget she’s a woman of her own until the right man (or woman) comes along and makes her remember she’s her own entity again. Babies can be the thing that brings two people together. An adoption, an abandoned child, a widowed spouse now facing the reality of raising their child(ren) alone.  Don’t forget the child that comes from the culmination of a happy relationship. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Then there are the other babies. Those characters so immersed in making their business successful that they forget to live.  Then that person comes into their lives that makes them take notice of more than balance sheets, sales, and customer feedback. The one who reminds them that it’s fun to bask in the sun or run through a puddle barefoot.

Babies – in flesh or in idea – while they both bring the promise of hope for the future and something to love and lavish our attentions on, they can also be the thing that makes a person forget to live for themselves. I’m not saying neglect the child or business for personal pleasure. Just the opposite. It goes to the adage – you can’t draw water from an empty well. A person needs to refill their energy and passion in order to be a better parent or businessperson.

Let those babies be the catalyst for something good.

How have you refilled your personal well in order to take care of your babies?



6 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge – B

  1. Love your A to Z theme! I think people who criticise Romance have never read any — there are so many different stories in that category that they should certainly not all be painted with the same brush!

  2. Children grown, so those babies (projects) are completed…more or less! Now I can nurture the baby of writing… though the furry babies here keep interrupting me. I rejuvenate by gazing out the window while the furry ones are napping. I think I’ll get the mandolin out while there’s a lull… that’s the newest baby! Too late – the puppy just woke up and needs to go out. Sigh.

    1. My furbabies have learned to become armrests. They want to be on my lap and compete with the computer. I have to reach over them to type but we’ve worked out a system 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

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