AtoZ Challenge – A

There is, and I think, always will be, condemnation toward authors who write romance and those who read it. I’m going to use my first A to Z Challenge to give those who may not already know, the reasons why romance stories are still so appealing.

AtoZ A

is for absolution. From Merrium-Websters: absolution n. 13th cent. the act of absolving; specif: a remission of sins pronounced by a priest.

A good many of us have ‘sinned’ in our lives. Whether it is one of the biblical sins, a sin against the tenets of your specific religion, it is usually something we wish to seek absolution for. Sometimes the person we’ve sinned against refuses to absolve us and we are left writhing in the guilt, wishing desperately at times to change that person’s mind and be free.

So many romances are about absolution. Past sins and transgressions are worked through and resolved. Or serve to help a person grow. Things I think a portion of people can relate to because they’ve either seen it or done it. I think unless you’re a sociopath with no remorse, you’re going to want to resolve those lingering feelings and move on.

Absolution, forgiveness, repent, for me fall into the same realm of feelings for the reader. As an author, I want my readers to not only relate to the character, but bring them along on the path of redemption and make them care about whether or not the person seeking absolution truly deserves it and can celebrate along with them when it is achieved.

What was your favorite absolution moment in a book?



Find out what the A to Z Challenge is here.


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