The Unlikely Samaritan – Release Tour

Jolie Mae Miller is celebrating the release of her second book The Unlikely Samaritan.

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Jolie is a fabulous woman who managed to weave real life into what some what some might consider an unlikely scenario and make it all seem real. I read her first book, The Good Samaritan and was pleasantly surprised by her storytelling. I know I have a lot of sweet romance readers who follow me and this is definitely not a book for those readers. But I really enjoyed it. The sex scenes were part of consensual relationships and made sense within the story, instead of being just a gratuitous addition. All of Jolie’s characters are realistically fleshed out and easy to care for…and hate. I can’t wait to see what happens to to them in the next installment.


It’s been two months since he died—today is Valentine’s Day. Two months that I haven’t taken a breath. I’m a walking zombie who is barely existing. This is a day couples are happy. They’re excited about young love, reminiscing about old love. I hate this day. It just reminds me of how circumstances took my happiness away. Alcohol ruined a once, good husband and father. The kids are suffering, and I know it. I try to be a relevant influence in their lives right now, but even they know: I’m a failure. Every time my beautiful daughter, Hope, looks at me, she has this look in her eyes: desperation. She needs me to be the mom but reality is, we’ve had a role reversal. At only ten-years old, she has taken on the traditional mom role, making breakfast and packing their lunches. Oftentimes for dinner, I’m comatose and she makes us grilled cheese sandwiches. Yep, I totally suck.

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3 thoughts on “The Unlikely Samaritan – Release Tour

  1. Yeah, I’m a clean romance reader. I can handle a little open door if it’s not too graphic and it really is important to the storyline. I’ve liked the Mercy Thompson series so much for that very. And why I was so disappointed in her last Alpha and Omega book (not the one that just came out–haven’t listened to that yet). There was a completely inappropriate (for the story circumstances) scene that served absolutely not story purpose. I kept expecting something to happen as a result. Nope nothing. It was like her publisher said “you have to put in a sex scene” so she did. Because of the situation where it happened, it actually made me lose respect for the two main characters. That’s never a good thing. I will read this next book with some trepidation. If it happens again, I doubt I’ll read another.

    1. Exactly. That’s why I was a little hesitant to read The Good Samaritan because so many other erotic and erotica books just go too far with the sex. Jolie actually didn’t. Too much or forced sex scenes can ruin an entire book even by an author you love. Thanks for commenting, Donna!

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