Renaissance Wench – Simon English

We’re getting closer…

One week away from the cover reveal for Renaissance Wench. Until then, let me introduce you to Simon.

Well, Simon. A name I’ve loved for three decades. And now I get to use it in a book! Simon English. Thirty year old investor. He works for a firm out of New Orleans. Oldest of two siblings, his sister Angelique helps run their mother’s design house. He’s good at what he does and has worked his way up the ladder and is now one of the go to investigators when their firm is looking for either new investors or new clients. Broussard Financial handles both personal and corporate investment funds.

While Simon isn’t involved in the daily workings of his mother’s design house, he understands what she’s looking for. When he falls for Callie upon meeting her, he’s thrown for a romantic loop when it turns out his latest potential investor could potentially ruin his budding relationship with Callie but also shed light on some underhanded dealings her family may be involved with.

Simon get his Cajun from his mother’s side. Gabrielle was born and raised in the Crescent City, and her family can just about trace their family back to the Acadians who traveled from France via Canada. Simon’s father, Nathaniel, is from the east coast. His father traveled to New Orleans on business and never looked back. Simon and his sister speak fluent French and have been known to insult each other in several languages at once.

The man has the heart of a true gentleman. He knows how to take care of his family and his woman, but has been known to get a little crazy if the occasion calls for it. In Callie, he finds a balance. Now, will everything work out so they can be together? Guess you’ll just have to see…

Isn’t he the dreamy one. Can you see him in a suit, looking cool and collected despite the blazing New Orleans heat? Oh, yeah. I know I can! You can check out the Renaissance Wench Pinterest board here.


Have a great week everyone!


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