Renaissance Wench – Callie Houston

I’m so excited about this book finally getting close to being published!! I started writing Callie’s story back in November 2010. Yes, it’s a NaNo novel. My first, in fact.

I’ll skip all the crazy backstory stuff I usually tell you about the creation of these things and get right to it. Introducing Callie Houston.

Calista Margaret Houston. Twenty-two year old college student. Descendent of Samuel Houston, founding father of the State of Texas. A woman born into metropolis Houston’s society but one who never fit in. Her older siblings Athena and William were the golden children of the family. The ones encouraged and pushed through to careers that would allow them to rub elbows with the upper crust of society. And yes, her mother insists on living in the same city as their antecedent in order for the connection to never be forgotten by those they meet. Callie was encouraged to get an associates so she could find a secretary job that would enable her to land a rich husband.

Callie is an artist at heart. She loves to act, she models, and is not okay with just being arm candy for some society fluff her mother Diana Houston deems appropriate. When it became clear that she wouldn’t follow on the path set before her, her parents slowly took away their support – both moral and financial. Yet she’s still expected to support her siblings endeavors and jump whenever her mother calls.

For the last three years, Callie has put herself through college. Working two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. Model for the art department at the college, several waitressing gigs in the evenings and days when she doesn’t have class and as a serving wench at the Texas Renaissance Festival. It’s during a night at the Festival that fate steps in and she meets Simon English. I can’t give you much more because then that would spoil the story!! Let’s just say Simon is a very handsome Cajun who makes a huge impact on Callie’s life.

Here’s Callie. Isn’t she gorgeous? I can easily see her in a Renaissance outfit or in any other outfit she might model.

Callie Houston, random wallpaper. Never know where you'll find inspiration.

You can check out the Renaissance Wench Pinterest board if you want to see the other dresses Callie ends up modeling.

I can’t wait to see what you all think of Callie. Am working on the cover and hope to have it for you to peruse and add to your Goodreads TBR list sometime next month 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


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