“Beat Average”

Beat Average

I saw this commercial tonight and it struck a chord. This had been a common theme lately at our writers group meetings and even at home. I am the queen of making excuses. The hubby called me on it the other night. Mine is tied to weight loss and house cleaning. I will find a way to get out of doing both.

As a nation we’ve gotten so obsessed with making everyone feel special that we don’t know how to deal with rejection. We don’t know how to work hard for what we want. I think mine comes from growing up with parents who tried to make me feel better about what I was doing to compensate for the loss of my brother. I guess they felt bad sometimes being “mean” to me because they’d lost him. Who knows. I’m purely speculating.

Here’s the kicker. I dropped out of college. Twice. Yet when I went this last time, I blew through. I’ve lost a total of 120 pounds over my life…through hard work and self control.

Where is that control now? I can’t seem to find it except when it comes to my writing. Writing. My passion. The thing I can’t put down for long. The thing that is making me a sedentary person. I bought a pedometer. According to that little piece of equipment, I. Am. Sedentary. 3000 steps for an average day at home and work. What does sedentary mean? Well, for me, it means I’m getting fatter. Yes. I said the F word. Why hide? I’ve been here before. I’ve been thinner before. But I always let circumstances get in the way.

I will be 42 in three weeks. There’s no excuse for me to be in the physical condition I am. It boils down to laziness. I blame it on my allergies, being tired, not having time. Well, all of those are excuses because they didn’t have an effect the 5 years I went back to college. It didn’t effect me publishing 9 books in 2013.  I just don’t want to do it. Stupid, stupid reason. My grandfather, uncle and mother were all over weight. My grandfather has a militant (and I say that lovingly) wife who kept his diet very strict after the doctor said his cholesterol was too high. He’s also a physically active guy. At 85 he was still chopping wood for the winter and building furniture. He’s fighting dementia now but I have no doubt he’s still walking around like he always does.  My uncle went the route of gastric surgery and has lost half of his starting weight. My mother? She never could stick to a diet. She ate good food, just too much of it. She was not even close to being physically active from the time she had me. I have the same problem she did, although I do try to be a little more active. I mean, I tried to climb a freaking rope ladder in a gym at my niece’s birthday party last month. Let’s just say there was a little too much junk in the trunk for my scrawny arms to lift me more than four feet off the ground. Sad, I know.

Why am I telling you this? Because life is not always hunky dory. We hide behind the “You’re average.” If my weight is average, those of us in that category aren’t going to enjoy a good quality life for very long. I need to get in shape not only so I don’t die at the age of 42 like my mother, but so I can go on the cross-country skiing vacation the hubby wants to take. So I can hike up to Macchu Pichu. So I can fit in a freaking airplane seat with out the buckle leaving a mark in my hip. And so many more reasons.

I’m starting small. I read a book that said we should be taking 12,000 steps a day. Last week, I saw an article that said the average Amish person takes between 10,000 and 18,o00 steps a day and that there are very small instances of obesity or cancers or diabetes in those communities and they have pretty high fat diets. As much as I hate going to the gym, I’ll have to do it because the people in our neighborhoods drive like maniacs and I’ve had to jump into the ditch on more than one occasion on a morning walk.

Help a girl out. What are the small things you do throughout the day that add up to healthier living? I’m curious to see what everyone does. I’m not looking to have a body like Meryl Davis, Olympic ice skater (although I’ll take her dance moves and grace on ice skates any day), but I would love to get rid of the Kardashian ass that has suddenly appeared behind me. Dude, that thing is out of control!

Tell me what you’ve been doing that made a difference.


P.S. Sorry for the rambling beginning. When I first started this journey, I vowed to be as honest as I could with my readers.  I had to show you some of my excuses before we got to the heart of the matter.


4 thoughts on ““Beat Average”

  1. I can think of a few things, off the top of my head. Eating much less salt and sugar (there’s corn syrup in everything these days, masquerading as added glucose, fructose, etc.) and hydrogenated fats – I heard this tip referred to as “eating from the outside aisles of the supermarket”. Basically anything on the inner shelves is not a good option compared to fruits and vegetables and basic ingredients from the outer edges. I’d rather have real butter any day than margarine with a host of unnecessary ingredients in it! There’s always conflicting advice about when and how much to eat. I think having three square meals plus healthy snacks like fruit and nuts (for those who aren’t allergic) is a good option. I guess portion control is a big factor, though I would find it stressful to count calories or points or what-have-you all the time. Anything in moderation, right? 🙂
    Hmm, all my tips are food tips. I don’t exercise half as much as I should! The only thing I do is walk as much as I can, and try to take the stairs a lot at work…
    Good luck!

  2. I’ve cut down on salt and use Mrs. Dash or other spices for flavoring. I eat 40-calorie fudgesickles when I need chocolate. I walk on my treadmill for twenty minutes on some days, but not enough days. I need to get headphones so I can listen to an audible book while treading that mill. I spend at least 20 min a day cleaning house, not for the clean house as much as for the exercise. 🙂
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    1. We’ve drastically cut down on our sat intake. I used to eat Popsicles and should probably go back to doing that. Audiobooks have helped a lot. Much more than listening to music. I need to get back to the gym, walking outside will soon be a nightmare between the humidity and Mosquitos. Thanks Deb!

  3. I actually planned a post on what I’ve been doing but I’m with you doll. I’m bound and determined to lose the freakin’ weight this year, or at least most of it. I want to be at my high school weight by my next birthday. {{hugs}}

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