Release Day! – The Bride’s Garden

Its finally here! The Bride’s Garden is available and the Rosewood Falls Novella series is complete. Its been a long row to hoe (pun totally intended) and it’s made for an interesting year bringing these stories to life and to you.

flower book 6Finally, its Flora and Bryson’s turn to tell you their side of the story. Does the wedding happen? There’s been a hint of something amiss since book one. You’ll finally discover what exactly has been bothering Flora and see how she and Bryson resolve it.

Here’s a blurb:

Flora Magnus has gathered her friends for a week of festivities as she prepares for her wedding. She’s focusing more on making sure her friends’ love lives are in order before she embarks on her own journey. As preparations advance, Flora wonders if her dream wedding will even take place. Her fiancé Bryson just might call off the whole thing when he finds out the secret Flora has recently discovered.

Bryson Mitchell has waited for this day since he began dating Flora. He agreed to spending the week apart before their wedding because it gave them both a chance to spend time with friends and help build anticipation before the honeymoon. As the week goes on, Bryson wonders about the real reason for their ‘separation’. Flora has slowly closed herself off from both him and their friends. Can he get her to open up to him before they walk down the aisle?

I have to say, I really love the cover for this last installment. Not just because the idea actually came from my brain, but the way my cover designer Colby was able to understand my vision and bring it to life so beautifully. Plus, there’s the added bonus for me of having my parents be involved even though they’ve been gone so long. You see, its their wedding rings sitting next to the bouquet. I really have to thank them for fostering my love of reading and always giving me rides to library, before I got my license, so I could read.

The Bride’s Garden is available now on Kindle. 

Starting sometime next year, the Rosewood Falls novellas will be available on all e-readers. I’ll let you know when they are.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me this year. It’s been one hell of a ride!

Here’s to happiness, prosperity, and health to all of you for 2014!


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