The stress…the agonizing stress!

Okay, I admit. That title’s a tad dramatic. But it is how I’ve felt lately. Things have been insane at the Evil Day Job. Too much to post (and some I’m not able to) here but let’s just say my creative side went into hibernation and curled into a dark corner of my mind.

After much digging and wading and cajoling, I finally got that little creative bugger to make an appearance and we sat and worked on the last story of the novella series. It was slow going but finally we were able to slog through the mire and come up with a decent idea and get it down on paper. Well, computer but you get the idea 😉

As I work on the last two chapters of the story, I wonder what made it so difficult to get this thing finished? Was it the fact that it felt like I was simply rehashing things at this point? At some points, I feel like I totally lost who Flora was and why it was so important to her for her friends to be together for her wedding. Then Bryson, Flora’s fiance, came in to save the day…or rather, story. Writing his parts reminded me why they were getting married and why these stories were so important to me when I started writing them back in January. Yes, these stories have taken the entire year and finally on December 31st, the last Rosewood Falls story will release.

Readers reactions to them haven’t been quite what I anticipated. Readers have lambasted them for being too simple, too predictable and too short. Truthfully, that’s what they were meant to be. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a quick, short, sweet and simple read to cleanse the palate in between some of the monster novels or emotional roller coasters I read. That’s what I wanted to provide for readers.

Those who said they were too short, I’m not sure if it was because they enjoyed the story and didn’t want it to end or that they’ve gotten spoiled getting longer novels for $0.99 and thought they should have gotten more for their dollar.

Do I regret writing the stories as they are? Absolutely not! These stories came to me as they are. They were almost fully fleshed out and I really didn’t have much control over what the characters were doing. Some of the things surprised even me! Like Flora’s story. For months, she wouldn’t tell me what her “secret” was. I agonized over how to get her story told when one day, I was sitting at the stoplight on the way home. There’s one overpass I have to go under to get home and a truck drove by blotting out the sun for a few seconds. When the sun blinded me again, the answer came to me clear as day. I’m sure the person in the lane next to me thought I was an absolute loon if they saw the huge smile on my face.

These stories and flashes of insight and emotion are what keep me writing. I’m glad that the stories are coming to an end but at the same time, I’m a little sad to be leaving the little mountain town of Rosewood Falls with its whispering trees and flowing waterfalls. But as this group of friends parts at the end of their yearly trips to the falls, so must I part with them. They all have their own lives to live and I’m excited to see where the future takes them.

Be on the look out later this month for Flora and Bryson’s story.

Have a great week and sorry for the lack of posts here lately. Hoping to get back in the groove once the novella series is out there fully.



4 thoughts on “The stress…the agonizing stress!

  1. I’m with Donna! Getting these drafted, edited, polished, AND published all in one year is amazing. Glad the muse has come out of hiding. Hope the EDJ stress is only temporary. Congrats on the Rosewood series!

  2. Girl, you act like writing 6 novellas in a year is a slacker-loser thing. Oh, my heck! It’s amazing what you’ve done! But I totally get what you mean about the evil day job eating up your creativity. At least mine was temporary.

    1. And I feel like a slacker because I kept having to move stuff off the calendar. That’s where my frustrations come in. Guess I forget to step back and look at where I’ve been and what I’ve accomplished. :/

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