Obsession leading to knowledge

Or maybe just insight. Okay, have I confused you yet? Let me explain.

This weekend, I was cruising the Outlander Facebook groups and someone posted a link to the BAFTA Scotland awards ceremony. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was either. It was the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Scotland edition. Why was I watching an awards show? To see Sam Heughan present, of course!


Yes, as the hubby says I’m slightly obsessed. Not to the point that I’m continually stalking him on Twitter or anything like that. Most of the time I don’t see the Twitter stuff until someone else posts it. Why were the BAFTA’s special? Apparently the kilt Heughan wore is the same material/print as the one he wears as Jamie in Outlander and apparently the producers of the show wanted to give the viewers a little extra ‘here you go’ for our dedication.

Beyond the moment of drool at Sam transforming into James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser before our Outlander lovin’ eyes, the insight came from watching the awards ceremony itself. The stage was small, the lighting dark, you knew there were people in the audience but they weren’t highly visible. Which was kind of ironic considering the care taken with Sam’s kilt. Ah well.

The focus, as it should be, was on the work created. They highlighted the films and shows so much longer than the American awards shows do. From my perspective watching it on a live YouTube feed, the focus wasn’t on who came with whom or who was wearing “who”. It was about the work. The acting. The recipients were gracious and appreciative. They said thank you, I don’t remember hearing any political statements except in regard to the newscaster, but even that was tame compared to some of the American award show antics. It was about the work.

I think we’ve gotten too far away from that here. I’ve been told I don’t put enough of myself out there for the readers. I hate to say this, but some of the readers out there scare me. I don’t want them to know everything about me. I want them to focus on my work, not on what I’m wearing, what I drive or what I put in my grocery cart. I want their focus to be on my work. My writing.

Before you say anything, I’m not complaining about the little attention I’ve gotten but I don’t want it to turn into what Diana Gabaldon is dealing with. I don’t know how she deals with some of the fans that have popped out of the woodwork now that Outlander is finally being brought to life.  Would I love to have one of my stories, either present or future, made into a movie? Heck yeah! Larger audience and all. Does the idea scare me to death? Absolutely.

So thank you Sam and BAFTA for that reminder about focusing on the work.

Have a great week everyone!


8 thoughts on “Obsession leading to knowledge

  1. I just had to edit myself 🙂 I don’t do politics or religion online and my first response could have been read as such.

    I will say this is one reason why I like watching British or Canadian news vs. US. Celebrities and pro sports players usually let me down so I avoid stalking. Drool from afar is my motto, LOL.

    I saw the ads for the BAFTAs but don’t generally watch award shows. Now I’ll have to go check out Sam on YouTube 😉 But why didn’t you post a picture of said kilted Sam?

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