Why I’m not doing NaNo…

..and what’s keeping me from it.

November Writing Checklist.
Names redacted to protect the innocent.

No,  your eyes do not deceive you. That is my To Do list for the month of November. And that’s just the writing stuff! This list doesn’t include any of the personal and EDJ things going on this month. Ah, the life of a self-published author.

While I’m sad not to participate in the world wide phenom and camaraderie, I’m also breathing a sigh of relief that I didn’t add this to my plate. I’m cheering for all my NaNoing buddies on the sidelines. Need virtual chocolate? I’m your girl. Need a pick me? Yep, I’m here. Need a “get your a$$ of Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and write!!!” Well, if you need that, I’ll do it for you. You should be at 8334 words today.

I am curious, what are you all working on? I’ll check in on you as the month wears on, see what you need (see above). Good luck fellow writers. May your fingers fly over the keys and may your internal editor go on vacation until Dec. 1st!


4 thoughts on “Why I’m not doing NaNo…

    1. I almost did when I looked at the finished list, but then I was also immediately able to scratch two things off so I feel better. I kept forgetting things and needed to finally get it on paper. Thanks for the chocolate! 🙂 Good luck with your word count!

  1. Yep, I’m NaNoing. I have done so every year since 2007 with great results…well, at least I’ve come out on the other end with a first draft of 50k or more words. My to do list looks about like yours, plus I am caring for my daughter’s pets while they are on a week-long cruise. (this gives me a total of 2 dogs and 6 cats–Ack!!!) And, did I mention my word count is sadly behind? But, whatever the end product, I’ll end up with more words at the end of the month just for committing to NaNo. My crit partners are NaNoing along with me, so I hope not to let them down. Good luck on your list. *hugs*

    1. Go June! Man, talk about a zoo, lol. I so wanted to do it but didn’t want to heap on the added stress. I’m already about to break. Good luck, I know you’ll catch up on the word count. Somehow you always do.

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