Release Day – Never Again

Whew! We’re a week late, but we’re here! It’s time for Aster and Evan’s story.

flower book 5

Here’s the description.

Aster Lewis doesn’t give her heart away easily. Her matchmaking friend Flora set up a blind date with Evan Fitzgerald, a co-worker of Flora’s fiancé Bryson. While not exclusive, the relationship held promise until she was swept completely off her feet by Derrick. After being manipulated and utterly humiliated in front of her friends and family, Aster is done with relationships.

Evan Fitzgerald let his wounded pride keep him from stopping the woman who holds his heart from marrying another man. When circumstances give him another chance, Evan does his best to convince Aster not all men are like her ex. Goading her into attending their friends’ wedding, he hopes she’ll realize never is a really long time to be without love.

You can get it on Amazon now for 0.99! Next month I’ll start working on getting the novellas uploaded for all the other distributors. We’re going global! Oh, wait. We already are 🙂

I have to tell you, even I didn’t know just how bad Aster was humiliated until I wrote it. I wanted to throttle Derrick. While I’m happy to see how these stories have turned out, I’m sad that there’s only one more left. This year has been an adventure. Most people seem to like the stories, so I’ll keep on going. Plus, I don’t think the stories in my head would let me stop.  Hope you enjoy this one too.

Missing the other four? Check out my Amazon author page for links to The Best Man’s Honor, Finding ‘Perfect’ Love, The One Who Said No, and Whatever May Come.


Bonus post tomorrow. I’m doing a blog tour book review!


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