I didn’t fall off the earth…yet

Just want to apologize for the sketchy posts lately. Being the HR Manager at the Evil Day Job means my day has been full making sure employees get the correct notices regarding the Affordable Care Act and learning about it myself so I can answer questions. Not much secret noveling going on at all.

I’m also gearing up for a blog tour that will run from October 12th through the 19th. Will post links when I get them.

Add to that editing part 5 of the novella series and you’ll imagine why I’m freaking out that part 6 is hardly written. Hubby and I have been going to the gym three to four days a week which has taken a big chunk out of my writing time. On the upside, I’ve been searching for writing podcasts to listen to at the gym so I’m at least still being somewhat productive on the writing front. I’ve learned a few things that I’m anxious to put into action next year.

This weekend is the Lonestar conference and I can’t wait for that! Donald Maass is the speaker and I can’t wait to see this man in person. He’s the first one anyone mentioned when I asked about writing craft books. Plus I’ll get to see the following lovely ladies!  J.D. Faver, Jennifer Bray-Weber, Christie Craig, Sasha Summers, though the always encouraging Nicole Flockton is unable to attend this year.

TTFN. I’ll catch you probably next week with a rundown of the conference.



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