‘Whatever May Come’ – Release Day!

Has it been a month already? Feels like just a week or two.  Today, the fourth installment of the Rosewood Falls novella series is available.  Right now its only available on Amazon, but starting next month, they’ll be available on more devices.

flower book 4 (1)Say hello to Daisy Sappington and Sam Magnus.

Raising her daughter Sienna is Daisy Sappington’s first priority. On her trips to Rosewood Falls to visit her friend Flora, Daisy has slowly gotten to know Sam Magnus. With Sienna acting as flower girl in Flora’s wedding, she’ll be forced to spend time with Sam. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t tempt her to forget the promise she made to herself.

For the first time since his divorce, Sam is contemplating dating again. Unfortunately the object of his affection has no intention of allowing his advances. He and his son Nick are traveling to Rosewood Falls for his cousin’s wedding. He’s determined to try one last time to convince Daisy its possible to raise a child and follow your heart.


Sam and Daisy are definitely a couple I’m rooting for. Want a little taste? Here you go!

“Dad, is Daisy going to be my new mommy?”

Sam choked on his drink. Coughing furiously, he stared at his son.

“What makes you say that?”

“It’s okay if you want to marry her. I like Daisy and Sienna’s cool.”

Sam continued staring at his son. Of all things to say when Sam was close to losing his breakfast, he was so nervous.

“Son, I can’t just marry her. It’s not that easy.”

Nick slurped the rest of his milk from the cereal bowl. “Why not? Don’t you like her?”

“She’s a friend.”

Nick smiled, setting his spoon back in the now empty bowl. “Then ask her to marry us.”

He sat down next to his son at the table. In the time he and Sonya had been divorced, Nick had never asked about a new mommy. Sam wasn’t sure what to think about the conversation.

“Nick, do you think Daisy would make a good mom?”

The tilt of his son’s head reminded him of his ex-wife. Sonya would always be Nick’s mother, but it would be nice to have someone around all the time to help and to talk with about the decisions he made while raising his child.

“Yeah. She’s nice to me and she gets that funny look in her eyes when she looks at you like those women on the movies you won’t let me watch. The PG ones.”

“She does?”

“Yeah, I don’t like that part too much.” He stuck out his tongue. “But I guess it’s okay if you like it.”

Get your Kindle copy here.


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