Heat levels

Heat levels. There are certain genres that you expect heat from. Erotica, erotic romance for example. There there are genres that you know when you pick them up, you’ll get some teasing, maybe some hand holding and a kiss or tow but not much more. I’ve heard those called sweet romance, some inspirational romance and even Christian romance.

Why do I bring up heat levels? I’ve written some tamer stories when it comes to heat levels. Other writers and readers have said they want to be in the “bedroom”, some want details, others want the door firmly shut so they can move one. I understand that, it’s all in the preference.

My problem lies here. My stories are all different levels. Yet somehow when i describe them, people think I’m writing sweet romance. I’m thinking I might adopt either the movie or video game rating system for my books. That way people will know what they’re getting into.

I”ve seen flame levels and stars and a 4.5 out of 10, you know, those kind of things. The ratings system is at least a little more universal in its application and more people are familiar with it. Why am I even worried about this? Because I don’t want to confuse my readers. There’s one story that I wrote a few years ago. Its definitely steamier than the ones currently published.  I’ve taken out the steamy parts to keep it a little tame, similar to my current books. Now that I’m getting ready to go back and edit to get it ready for publication, I realize I miss those steamy bits I edited out.

I’m worried that the readers who’ve come to expect something a little tamer will be very shocked if they pick up this newer story. I’ve got a little bit more research to do before I enact any kind of system. I don’t want to start a new profile with a pseudonym. Heck, I can hardly keep up with what I’ve got going now! Add another name/personality in there? Uh, not ready to keep up with that just yet. I’ve already got enough of that being a Gemini, lol.

What do you think of adding a rating system to books? Do you think the information left by the author in the description is enough? Would you not pick up a book you normally might have given a chance if it had a rating you weren’t comfortable with?

Have a great weekend everyone!



4 thoughts on “Heat levels

  1. It’s hard for the author to judge their own work. I was concerned that my dominatrix thriller was erotic in nature, so a very nice and multi-published erotica author was kind enough to read it for me. I can imagine her patting me on the head while trying not to laugh. No, it’s not erotica, per her estimation. She described it as “sensual” and “steamy”, but not erotica. She then sent me one of hers to read. MY EYES!!!
    Just sayin…

    1. LOL! I guess you’re right. I’ll figure out a way to get the message across. After my event on Thursday, I realize I really need to think about my titles because it’s confusing some of the conservative readers. Thanks J.D. 🙂

  2. The Rosewood series is definitely on the tame side, or sweet romance. Unless you have a surprise I haven’t encountered yet 😉 Yet the trilogy is completely open door, if not on the erotica level. So I don’t think you have anything to worry about. However, one of the smaller presses (Samhain I think) does “warnings” — fun stuff like “this title contains mad seduction schemes, graphic language, and drop-dead hunks.” You might be able to incorporate something like that which keeps it fun but lets readers know exactly what they’ve signed on for.

    Definitely don’t bother with a pen name for your spicier stuff. I’m drawing a blank at the moment but I know I’ve seen a author site set up with not just different heat levels but different genres. I’ll drop you an email when it comes to me. It might give you an idea.

    Put those scenes back in!

    1. Raelyn, you didn’t even get to see the steamier scenes I edited out of WLW. Emma and Jack were a little hot and heavy 🙂 I do miss the full workout bench scene. Anyway. I don’t think I’ll worry about a pen name. If the hubby cared, he would have had me do it from the beginning. 😉

      I’m really thinking about adding those scenes back in. We’ll see what happens when I go back to the drawing board. I’m thinking definitely yes. Callie is a spit fire and it fits her personality. I was pandering to the crowd. But no mas! LOL Callie and Simon will have their day in the sun (and the kitchen, and the golf course) Wait, I digress. Hmm, I like that idea. Think Samhain would mind if I tweaked it and made it my own? I’ll figure out something.

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