Release Day!! – The One Who Said No

Ah, another release. It has been an absolutely insane year!! I hope you were able to participate in the blog tour last week and checked out some of the excerpts from the first three stories.

Today, Rosewood Falls Book 3 – The One who Said No is available on Kindle.

Here’s the description for the book

flower book 3Finding a man has never been a problem for Heather Baker. Model thin, gorgeous with a brain to match, her friends tell her she should have been a lawyer instead of a Hollywood set designer. Determined to have fun at the wedding, she’s set her sights on Colum Murray. They’ve flirted for years, but one or the other never seemed available for a weekend fling. But what Heather expects and what she gets are two totally different things. She just might be in danger of falling for Colum.

Arriving for his friend Bryson’s wedding, Colum Murray knows he’ll be fending off the advances of Heather. Which is something any sane, single man would tell him was a stupid idea. Colum doesn’t want to be just another notch in Heather’s belt, he wants to be more. He thinks she deserves more from a relationship. When he decides to ramp up the heat between them without removing a stitch of clothing, Colum realizes she definitely worth the wait.

I’m telling you! These girls are really shaking things up in the mountains. Heather was a lot of fun to write. She was the strongest character in my mind from the very beginning of this. I’m happy to see Heather out there having her time in the spotlight.

Here’s the link to purchase. If you like it, leave a review, tell a friend, but most importantly enjoy!




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