First Drafts

Today, the lovely Rebecca Bradley is hosting me on her blog. She posted about first drafts and wondered if others would be willing to share. The response was tremendous! So Rebecca is doing a feature every Friday on writers’ first drafts.

It’s amazing how when a writer starts writing, so many say you have to do it this way or else it won’t work, you’re doing it wrong, what have you. The more I researched, the more I realized that mentality is utter crap. Okay, if I’m building a 747 or a car engine, then sure, I need to do it an exact way or else people will die or be injured. Writing? Not so much. Unless I purposely kill off a character.

As far as the writing part of the craft, actually writing, do what works for you, your schedule, your life. And don’t feel guilty about it. Just as long as you’re writing. But then, this applies to just about everything else in life. Figure out how it works for you. Does everyone hold their pencil the same? No. Does everyone type the same? LOL, absolutely not. There are some two-fingered typists out there who can bang out more words per minute than I can using all my digits.

That’s what’s been interesting about Rebecca’s series. Seeing just what works for others. They might be able to give you ideas to help organize or heck, just how to stay sane.

Hope on over and take a peek!

Here’s the link directly to the post if you’re reading this later than the 16th 🙂


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