Making a series book cover set

Series pose a unique challenge. While every story is different, there still has to be an element that ties it to the others. Something that allows the reader to just glance at the bookshelf in the store (or the website search results) and know those books belong together. Whether it be the title, the colors, the theme, something needs to tie it all together.

For the When Love trilogy, I made sure to use the same fonts and each cover featured a house. The elements are the same for all three though they are unique in their colors lighting. The third book, When Love Prospers turned out to be my favorite.

Since I’m in the middle of releasing my novella series, I thought I’d give you all a peek into how a cover is created.

For me, I literally woke up with the cover ideas in my head. For all six books. The trick? Finding someone who carried all the flowers I needed! I thought about using silk flowers but didn’t think they’d give me the same ‘movement’ a real flower would.

Here’s a look ‘behind the scenes’ of the photo shoot for the Rosewood Falls novella series. Cover photography by Calcote Creations, photo shoot photographs by yours truly.

All flowers in a bouquet together.
Close-up of the full bouquet shot.
Creating the background for all the covers. First of many colored pieces of fabrics used.
Cover for “The One Who Said No” (book 3) Notice the fabric around the spindles? Yeah, ended up not working.
Cover for book 1, The Best Man’s Honor. Stargazer Lily and my hubby’s tie 🙂 The chair belongs to the Bethany S. mentioned in the acknowledgements of the books. (Ye Olde Friend of a Friend on the blog) This chair lives in her barn.

I stole items from all over the place! We borrowed Bethany’s chair. She was worried about the missing spindle. I raided my sewing basket, took the hubby’s tie, my parents’ wedding rings. Then, I couldn’t get the flowers to stand exactly right so I started grabbing things from poor Colby’s kitchen (with her permission of course!) This shoot was actually a ton of fun. Plus we ate Olive Garden afterward so bonus! Colby did a fantastic job of tying all the elements together. The hardest part of the shoot? Trying to vocalize the pictures in my head in a sufficient manner so she could translate them onto film.

Here are the finished covers.

The Best Man's Honor - RWF #1flower book 2flower book 3flower book 4 (1)flower book 5flower book 6






See what I mean about elements? They all have the same background, but with the different colors you almost miss that fact. The banner announces the series and the book number. The title fonts match, my name matches. And the chair is positioned in the same spot for all the covers. They are different covers that reflect elements of the individual stories but also serve to tie them all together at the same time. Other small elements. Book 2 – Finding ‘Perfect’ Love. Love is off center. Purposely. It helps tell a little of the story. Iris’ flowers are presented perfectly yet the title is off kilter. Book 5 – Never Again. Strong lettering, larger font and the flowers are strewn haplessly on the chair. Hmm. Think she doesn’t want to be at this gathering? And Book 6 – The Bride’s Garden. All the previous cover flowers are put together to make the bouquet. Tying them all together and ending the series. The bride is the reason they’re all there. What better way to represent that than in her bridal bouquet?

Hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of making a book cover.
Have a great weekend.



12 thoughts on “Making a series book cover set

  1. Okay, already having a bit of an inside look on this series probably makes me a wee bias. I LOVE this peek behind the covers! And damn, if you didn’t nail them. Awesome. Thank you for sharing this process.

  2. D’awwwe, another shout out. Gee, girl, this is your dream, I’m just happy to help where I can. And I did find the spindle. It’s patiently waiting in the candle drawer until I have time for all my pet projects. The chair has become a TOTAL diva, though. It’s contacting RWA to get on the next cover model presentation.

    1. Thanks Donna! They were fun covers to make. Way less nerve wracking than the ones for the trilogy believe it or not. There’s one more cover for a stand alone book we’re ready to do, but I have to make something for it first.

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