My boss is a witch! (with a b)

You know, I really thought this writing thing wouldn’t be as stressful as it’s turned out to be. My boss has a lot to do with that. She’s extremely demanding, is constantly making me learn new technology and terminology. I think I’ve learned more in the last two years than I did in the five years of college courses I took. No, that’s not an insult to either university I attended.

I swear, I literally drop into bed every evening because she’s worked me to the bone and my mind is a pile of mush. The poor hubby thinks I’ve become an idiot (at times) because I’m lucky to remember to put my bra on in the morning before I leave for work. I’m telling you, this new boss will be the death of me.

Wanna know the scary thing? She and Fred, my internal editor, get along famously. Like, they have coffee together and give me that same disappointed stare. I’m doing the best I can! Stop staring at me! I can’t work under these conditions. I try not to collapse under the desk to rock in a slobbering mess of misery until she’s left. Though she really never leaves.

The deadlines are concrete. She makes me talk to those who aren’t meeting the deadlines. It’s just a never-ending, vicious cycle. Is is sick that I like it a little? I’m actually enjoying the pressure. And the boss eases up a little when we get something done early. A little. Precious little.

The rest of the year doesn’t look to be any different. But I guess that’s okay. I’ll just have to make sure I meet her deadlines. Maybe slip a little something into her morning latte. We’ll see what happens. She’s mentioned something about taking the month of December off, but I have a feeling she’ll find something for me to do or learn during that time.

Oh, crap. I hear her coming. I’m off to do more edits and writing before she catches me.

And please pass this along. The more sales, the happier she seems to be. Help a girl out!



6 thoughts on “My boss is a witch! (with a b)

  1. Dang, girl! Your boss sounds as unreasonable as mine. My boss never gives me a day off, rarely passes a compliment and expects me to work ridiculously long hours. And she’s never satisfied. I mean, what a couple of shrews.
    Keep your chin up, Mel. Write on!

  2. Your boss and your inner editor have coffee together? Oh, that’s bad, very bad. Bet they compare notes…whisper behind your back…laugh at the toilet paper stuck to your shoe…


    I completely get the falling into bed with mush for brains! Though I think I’m reaching a bit of a learning plateau so here’s hoping the mind will start solidifying again. Hope you get a breather soon 🙂

    1. **checks for toilet paper** None today. I can hear them whisper and snicker and sometimes it’s just too much. My next break is December I think :/

      Hope you get a chance to solidify the mush. But if you’re like me, you’ll find something else to throw into the mix. I think we like slogging through the mush. Walking on solid ground just feels too easy! lol

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