Release Day!! – Finding ‘Perfect’ Love

It’s here!! The second book in the Rosewood Falls Series. I hope you’ve had a chance to pick up the first story, The Best Man’s Honor. If not, it will be free today and tomorrow to help celebrate the release of Book 2.

On to the show!!

flower book 2Iris Sharpe is a Charleston born Southern belle filled with poise and grace now living in Denver. Her mother wants her to move home and marry into an established southern family. Iris only has eyes for Thorne, the man who causes her poise and grace to disappear whenever he comes within ten feet of her. The man who would fulfill all her dreams if she could just stop spilling her drinks on him and literally falling into his lap. Flora’s wedding might be her last chance to show him she really can be the woman of his dreams.

Thorne Hamilton can’t wait to spend the week with his friends and enjoy their company and celebrate Bryson’s wedding. He’s also secretly anxious to see what Iris will do next. The guys constantly rib him about his cleaning bills, but truthfully he likes the attention Iris gives him even if is at the expense of his wardrobe. Immersed in wedding preparation, not only does Iris practically ignore him throughout the week, she doesn’t spill or drop anything on him. Thorne realizes he not only misses her attention, he wants more from her. He wants the whole package.

Available for Kindle now.

I’m telling you, this series was fun to write. There were several times I made myself laugh when I reread a scene. I do love these characters and they sound like a fun group to hang out with. I hope you enjoy spending time with them as much as I did.

Also, there’s still three days left in the Goodreads giveaway to win one of two copies of the print book. Go here to enter.





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