When is it passion?

“If you really care about something, you’ll find the time to do it.” Susan Shahenian.

The above is a piece of information I received from a friend’s mother at the age of 18.  I’ll admit, I really didn’t understand it at the time. I was futzing my way through one semester of college (read: I didn’t care) and I was working a part time job. I had plenty of “time” to do whatever needed to be done. I just didn’t because I didn’t want to. I wanted to go have fun with my friends and hang out with my boyfriend. (God that sounds weird now, I’ve been married so long)

It took me about 15 years to understand what she meant. Fast forward to a few weeks before my 33rd birthday. I’ve posted about this before, so I’ll save you the rehashing. Somehow I found the time to make it work. So how does this relate to anything?

Well, I’ve been seeing a rash of writers saying they’re packing it in. No, I don’t know their reasons nor do I feel I know them well enough to ask for details further than what they’ve posted. But I get a feeling of such frustration inside that I understand now how Susan felt when she talked to me. A feeling that they’re not giving it the full go or maybe it truly isn’t their passion.

And that was my problem when I was 18. I had yet to find that one thing that truly lit a spark. Sure, I had interests but I could put them down and not go back without a second glance.

Am I chastising those others. Absolutely not. I just hope they find their passion and pursue it if it happens not to be writing. For years I wondered around restless, wondering just what was missing. I tried painting – I’m horrible, photography – I can’t ever get what I see to translate to the film quite right. Crochet? I like it but lose patience on long projects. Same for cross stitch, quilting and complicated sewing projects. That’s when the writing came in.

I know what it feels like to float around trying to figure out where my passion lies. Not all of us are fortunate enough to find that passion early on in life and start on the path right after high school. Heck, some even find their calling before that.

I guess my rantings amount to hoping that everyone finds their passion.

I’m off to continue with mine. Good luck!!



3 thoughts on “When is it passion?

  1. I think there’s more to it than just passion and making time for it. For example, right now there is SO much going on in my life that even making time doesn’t equal time. And I really don’t know how to explain it better than that because my mind is such mush, LOL. Great post though.

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