Sigh of relief for the end of the week

AKA I survived work after a week’s vacation. Whew! Somehow, I survived. Was it all bad? No. Let’s just say I’m sweeping Monday under the rug and wiping it from my memory. Without going into details, I could have really used a mixed drink by about 9:30am. No, you didn’t read that wrong. I said AM, as in morning, as in breakfast hasn’t fully digested yet. You get the picture.

And apparently that bled into the writing because it took me about 5 tries to get the interior formatting correct for the RWF#1 book. I didn’t get it right until yesterday, which coincidentally is about when the crazy craptacularlarity settled down somewhat at the EDJ. It’s been pretty quiet lately so I guess we were due for some excitement.

I did get some things accomplished. The proof is approved for sale and I have ordered copies to sell. Still trying to figure out the price point for sales, but I think they’ll be $3.50 if bought in person. They’re a little more on Amazon, but that was unavoidable.

I found (and realized I’m behind the curve, as usual) a cool site called Authorgraph. For free, a reader can request an electronic version of an author’s autograph which they can collect, print out to put in their print book or for a fee (paid by requestee) the autograph can be loaded into the Kindle version. How cool is that! Yes, I tried it and yes, it’s awesome! Still need to work on my signature. It’s not often I sign my name with my mouse. I’ll have to see if I can find a stylus so I can sign holding it like a pen. Maybe it will come out a little smoother. Here’s my page if you’re inclined to check it out. Oh, and you don’t have to own a book to request an autograph! Sorry, Authorgraph 🙂

Other than that, it’s just working on Part 5. Have a blog tour scheduled in October and may have one next month too, still waiting on the deets.

We had a fantastic (again!) writer’s group meeting. A few of us agreed that dropping it from two meetings a month to one may have been a big factor in bringing back the mojo – and people!

Last, but not least, for everyone heading to RWA Nationals in the ATL, have a safe trip, have fun and can’t wait to see the pictures! I’ll be there next year – FINALLY!!!!!!

Have a great weekend. Oh! You’ll have to check back next Friday because I have a blurb from the new Charley Davidson book “Fifth Grave Past the Light” by Darynda Jones. So Excited!! I’ve chatted online with Darynda during the Winter Writing Festival and love her sense of humor and encouragement for other authors.



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