A Day in the Life… #6

of a writer who took off work to get stuff done…and overcame some interesting obstacles.

I’ve wanted to do a *facepalm* several times this week! We had a short week at the EDJ so I decided to take vacation. We’re not going anywhere out of state this year, so I’m burning up my last few days before they renew next week.

Anyhoooo, I figured I could get a TON done since I didn’t have to go to work. Saturday and Sunday were pretty good. Got some stuff done around the house and the last bit of the formatting done.

Well, I got spoiled having my cover designer work in the same office. She moved to a graphic design job a few months ago so instead of walking two offices down to talk to her about my cover, I had to email her, wait for a response, then wait for her to have time to do it. Way more frustrating than I thought it would be!! So now, I have to make sure and give her some lead time for the next covers. Better for my sanity!

So, Sunday night, I try to upload the files for the print book. My computer suddenly doesn’t recognize a .pdf file. Huh? Okay. Since when? I don’t know enough about ‘puters to figure it out so I wait for the hubby to get home. Thankfully I can still UPLOAD a .pdf, so I was able to get the process started on the ebook copy.

Laptop was down ALL DAY MONDAY. All day. Thanks a million to the hubby for dealing with it. Completely took it down to the bare bones and reinstalled everything. I’m still installing things. But only as I need them. Hopefully it won’t get bogged down again so quickly. First thing installed? Scrivener. 🙂

Monday night, I’m finally able to upload the files for the print book. Too tired to download Adobe, so I figure I’ll wait until I have to preview the print file. Wrong thing to do. I uploaded the wrong file so now I have to resubmit it for review before I can order the proof copy. AND because it’s a novella, the print book is too small to allow print on the spine. So I’ll have naked spines*gasp*.  Kind of thought it would happen so I’m okay with that. There’s a common design element between them all which will help tie them together.

Tuesday morning – wake up to no power. Crew is working on a transformer. No writing, shower by lamp light.

Then, call the vet for the special kitteh food. Yes, we have it! Get there and they’ve pulled a bag of canine food. Don’t have kitteh food in stock, will have to order it. *sigh*

Traffic is a nightmare because they’re replacing sewer lines a mile from the house…at the BUSIEST intersection in town so one side is down to one lane. (road rage anyone?)

Then I find out plans changed and my niece is only spending the day with me instead of spending the night like initially planned. :*(  It’s been too long since she spent the night. At least I’ll get her for the day. **Not only did she spend all day Wednesday with me, she wanted to come over for a few hours on Thursday.

Decided to check my sales (I allow myself to do this frequently the week of release only, lol) See that someone has purchased and returned a copy of The Best Man’s Honor. Why? Don’t know. Wish I could ask or that Amazon required the person to fill out a form giving the reason which was then forwarded to the author. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. Ah, well.

Going shopping with the MIL and Hubby on Friday. Hoping to find at least one good deal at the Outlets. I’m writing this Tuesday afternoon, so there’s no telling what will happen between now and Friday when you read this! LOL. On a positive note, my flower beds are completely weeded, plants fertilized, laundry done, house vacuumed and I’m almost done with the vacation scrapbook I should have done eight months ago! Nice looking back over the pictures from our trip to Niagara Falls. Amazing what gets accomplished when I’m forced to unplug at home 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and had a great Independence Day!



2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life… #6

  1. Just starting the series but living it and after a week ready for next book!!! I do work full time and promise I am not neglecting my 3 kids! 😉

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