State of our Nation

Normally I stay away from political stuff, especially here on the blog, but there have been too many things going on that really worry me.

First, the bills trying to be passed in Texas. Yes, I live in a very conservative state at the start of the so called Bible Belt.  Regardless of your opinion of abortions, there needs to be safe options for women who chose that option. If you think abortion is a result of the ‘bra burning’, women’s liberation generation, you would be wrong. Abortion, in one form or another, has been around for centuries. Women have died doing it themselves by various methods or been killed by either enraged spouses, significant others, or butchers with little to no training, in order to rid the body of a pregnancy.  I won’t get into the myriad of reasons why women do this, but I don’t think it’s fair for someone else to say what I can do with or to my body.

Then there’s the newer term of “rape culture” being bandied about. Another thing I don’t think is a new offense happening. Rape has also happened for centuries, be it men initiating or women initiating. Rape is all about power. Rarely is it about the sex. People feel powerless or overwhelmed and for whatever reason, turn to rape in order to gain control over some aspect of their lives. This can be combated with not only respect for all living beings, but also giving people something to be proud of. When you’re engaged in something you love and achieve satisfaction from, it bleeds into the rest of your life.

The uptick I think stems from the culture we have now of everyone getting an award, ribbon, recognition for simply being. Show up to a game? Oh, participation ribbon. We’re so worried about not hurting anyone’s feeling that we are doing our children – the future leaders, teachers, business owners of our country – a disservice by NOT teaching them how to deal with disappointment. If they get a ribbon for simply being, how do they ever learn what they’re good at? If we constantly tell them their wonderful, how will they ever get better? When someone does better than them, either by sheer natural talent or by putting in the hours of work, how will that child/adult react? With jealousy and animosity. They’ve not been taught to work towards what they want and expect to be good at everything, and when they aren’t or they meet someone who does the job better, they don’t know how to handle it, work through it, move past it.

The supreme court is about to rule on the constitutionality of DOMA and Prop 8. *Just saw that the Supreme Court ruled DOMA as unconstitutional* Same-sex relationships are another thing that have been around for centuries. My take on this? If you don’t support gay marriage, don’t get into that type of relationship? Don’t want them to be “married”? Then the churches, in this country set up on religious freedom, have the opportunity not to support or perform a gay marriage in their houses. But this is another thing that irks me. I’ve seen same-sex relationships last decades longer than opposite-sex relationships. If they’re willing to pledge their love and devotion to another, who am I to say they’re not entitled to the same legal protections that I and the hubby are? Think parents need to be male and female? What about the cultures in history who lost a good portion, if not all, of their men to wars and raids? Women were the ones left raising the children. A thought to ponder.

Another thing? Parents, please stop doing your children’s homework for them. I’ve seen this too many times. Your child is not learning how to problem solve and they’re not learning a work ethic. Are you going to do their high school papers? Their college papers? What about when they get a job? Though school homework may seem monotonous and unnecessary, it is in a way training for real life. How much of your job is monotonous? Not everyone is lucky enough to love every aspect of the job/career. You won’t be able to work for them. As a *gulp* middle-aged person in the work place, I’m now having to help teach these child/adults how to work and deal with disappointments in the workplace.

On the other side of this, I also see parents raising good, smart, problem solving children. And no, not all of them are ‘Christian’. Having a built in moral compass does not come strictly from Christians or those raised in Christian faiths. I think it’s something you either have or don’t. Nor do you have to be God-fearing to be a good person.

And the whole Merry Christmas bill that was recently passed in Texas? I’m saddened that our law makers think this takes precedence over making sure our children get a quality education. We live in America, land of free speech, land set up by those escaping religious persecution. If you don’t like someone saying Happy Holidays to you, then I think the problem lies with you, not with the other person. I spent a good many years in California in an area where not everyone was Christian, celebrated Christmas, etc. There are also about 10 different holidays within the month of December. I don’t presume everyone celebrates Christmas. Happy Holidays is a show of good will toward a stranger. Don’t take offense, take the offer of kindness and go about your day.

Okay, I’m off the rant. Hope you all have a good weekend. And I’ll get back to the writing stuff next week. If you choose not to follow, or continue following, me because of my beliefs, you are free to do so. I wish you well and thanks for reading while you did.



3 thoughts on “State of our Nation

  1. Wow! You just about covered it all in this one, Mel. I too was raised in the “Bible Belt” where everyone looked sorta like me. Well, not as good-lookin’ but close. 🙂 Moving to Houston was very exciting for me because of all the cultures. I was a nursing home admin. and not only did I have a multi-cultural staff, but also my residents were from many cultures and faiths. We celebrated EVERYTHING. I learned about Kwanzaa and Rosh Hashana and Ramadan. My staff members went on vacations and brought me back little presents from Korea and India, among other places. I think our diversity, in all things, is one of Houston’s greatest assets. I’m glad you’re disturbed by the events unfolding, Mel. Keep shaking things up.

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