New series research

As some of you know, I went to work at a bed and breakfast this past weekend in order to do research for a new series I’ve been pondering. When the hubby and I go on vacation, lately we try to stay at as many B&B’s as we can because they’re much more comfortable and the staff is usually the best resource in finding those off the beaten path places for dining or visiting.

I met Michelle London, the innkeeper for both the Boothe House and Belle Oaks Inn in Gonzales back in March when we did the Book Lover’s Luncheon. She put out a call for help about a month ago and I signed up for a day. We’d talked about the series back then and she was more than willing to let me tag along for the day.

Me being me, I’m not content just to follow and take notes. I want to get my hands dirty and get into the work. It took a while to convince Michelle that I was fine with working. Finally, I got my hands into it. Folding sheets, making beds, freshening rooms, checking in guests, making a supply run to the store, dusting the cobwebs off the front porch and more. As we worked, we talked about various things and I think this was probably the best way for me to learn just what all goes into running a bed and breakfast.

There are so many little things that I didn’t even think of because I’ve always been on the guest side of things. I can’t tell you all of them because I’m saving them for the stories 😉 Tease, I know. lol

Anyway, after my day of being behind the scenes, everything sort of fell into place. I went home that night and not only did a bunch of house cleaning, but I now have the rough outline for what will be a five book series. Insane. I was so energized it was almost impossible for me to go to sleep. I think I finally crashed about 1:00am or so.

When inspiration hits, I’ll work on fleshing out the outline a little more. Until then, I’m working on getting the novella series published and I have a stand alone book I hope to publish by the end of the year, then two more that need a little editing before they’re ready. Then I’ll start writing the B&B series. I’m excited!

Here’s a few pics from my day at the B&B.









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