Outlets for Talent

First, an apology. I totally forgot to post on Friday. As my 9th grade English teacher used to say “Mea culpa, mea culpa”.

Talent. Seems there are a lot of shows on television today about talent. I guess really there have always been shows like that. Growing up, we had Star Search and I’m sure there were others.

Anyway, my writers group was waiting for our last meeting to start and we started talking about music. We soon realized that four of us had and have our roots in music. One used to be in a band, one is in a band, another used to sing with a band and I’ve recorded a few songs and used to talk my way on stage with the local bands when I could. Ah back in the day. I’m shocked they let me do that, but back on topic.

It got me wondering just how many of us writers either tried other outlets for our talent before we found writing. Did we try other outlets before finding our passion? Or do we still pursue other outlets as a substitute outlet when the writing get tough or we need a break?

I used to work on crafts all the time. Crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, drawing (badly), wood working (very badly) and various other things that would pop up that I had to try. Since taking writing seriously as a future career, the only thing I’ve worked on craft-wise is a few scarves for the now defunct Special Olympics Scarf program and a few scarves for Christmas gifts. Other than that, I’ve hardly touched any of my other crafts. I’ll sit and look longingly at them when I’m stuck on something but as soon as I decide to try and work on something, an idea either comes to mind or I feel guilty for giving up on the writing.

It’s nice to have that passion toward writing, but sometimes I miss those other creations that I can see and hold while I’m making them. And it is a little frustrating having the stuff sitting around knowing that I’m not doing anything with it but having that feeling that I will someday when I need a break from writing.

So tell me. Have you noticed the phenomenon in yourself or others? And it doesn’t have to be writing. Did you or someone else bounce from thing to thing until they found their passion?

Let me know!



6 thoughts on “Outlets for Talent

  1. I have tunnel vision when it comes to crafts. I work on/with something for months and months just to leave it for months and months as I pursue another craft. But since writing kinda took over I just grab snippets of time with my other crafts, so I totally get that look of longing. I write in my guest bedroom/office/craft room so I have scrapbook paper lined up on my desk along with writing craft books, LOL.

  2. I think our passions evolve with our lives. As a musician, I grew tired of the late nights before early mornings. But the one thing I like most about being a writer versus being a musician, is that I only have to rely on myself. Being in a band with flakey people or those who just don’t have the same drive as me was endlessly infuriating. Good post.

    1. Exactly. I think that’s a big reason I chose self-publishing too. Thanks to changes in the industry I can learn what’s required then go do it instead of waiting for someone else. I didn’t pursue singing because I didn’t want someone telling me *how* to sing. I still sing for enjoyment, which for me is more important.

  3. Interesting thoughts, Mel. Yes, I have enjoyed all of those crafts. And I sang in the A Cappella choir in college and I was the girl singer with the band afterwards. It wasn’t that I was a great singer, but I had great legs, wore short skirts and could stay on key. I sang with the band until I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter (didn’t gain much weight, wore short, loose dresses that now showed off my stellar boobs, Ah, well. . .
    My many other dabbles in the arts include acting (I was a theater major starting out) and art (managed to collect 44 semester hours in art between my two degrees. I still crochet and I have a large round basket in my living room with art materials. I can grab a sketch book and draw in pastels or charcoal anytime I feel like it. . .and my older granddaughter can when she visits.
    But it’s hard to do any of these things if my fingers are constantly on a keyboard. Writing consumes me now. I write every day, so I’m always “in the story” and don’t need to wait for inspiration.
    In my “office” I have a big easel and lots of art and crafts materials (like stained glass) stored there. But, all in all, I would rather be writing.
    Incidentally, I love the picture on your header. Very attractive and soulful.

    1. Aw, thanks JD *blush* I can’t wait to get an actual office so I can set up all my crafty type stuff. I have a stained glass tiger I want to hang – didn’t make it but it’s one of my favorite gifts. Someone I knew made it and it turned out so good. I wish I could sketch/paint but I’m better if I just use stick people. I’ve gotten to that point too with the writing but still feel guilty about leaving the other crafts to languish in the corner. 😉

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