I’ve been slacking…

Yep, it’s true. After three book reviews in a row and writing furiously during April and May, I got a little burned out. But I’m still trying to meet my self-imposed deadline, so my weekends and evenings will be filled with writing and editing. -you know its late. ‘evenings will’ was almost ‘evening swill’. Wow. Talk about two different meanings. I hope this post doesn’t come across as swill.

So, today I’m doing just a short post of observations I’ve recently made.

-Others will remember both good deeds and not so good deeds. Choose how you want to be remembered.

-You will have to sacrifice writing time for marketing. If you do it right, the connections you make could be priceless.

-It will hurt, but giving books away could help get reviews, which will help bring in more readers. More readers=more sales.

-Cleaning can sometimes wait. When it can’t, use the mindless activity to let your mind wander. Great ideas can come from mindless tasks.

-Don’t forget to go outside.  Sunshine is good for the soul and so is the proverbial breath of fresh air.

-Try something new. Getting stuck in a routine rut is bad for creativity and productivity.

-The Evil Day Job is still a necessity, but it’s the number one job in the pecking order. I need to keep doing a good job even though I’d rather be writing.

-Four-leggeds need attention and will not me sleep in on the weekends, no matter how late I feed them the night before.

-Never forget to say thank to anyone that helps. They may not remember what they helped with or why, but they will remember that you appreciated their effort.

Have a great week.



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