Book Review – A Change of Plans


Book Blurb:

A Change of Plans Cover When twenty-five-year-old Lyn sets off on her cruise vacation, all she wants is to forget that her dead fiancé was a cheating scumbag. What she plans is a diversion uncomplicated by romance. What she gets is Braedon, an intriguing young surgeon. He’s everything her fiancé wasn’t, and against the backdrop of the ship’s make-believe world, her emotions come alive.

Unaware of the sensitive waters he navigates, Braedon moves to take their relationship beyond friendship—on the very anniversary Lyn came on the cruise to forget. Lyn’s painful memories are too powerful, and she runs off in a panic.

But it’s hard to get away from someone when you’re stuck on the same ship. Things are bad enough when the pair finds themselves on one of the cruise’s snorkeling excursions. Then paradise turns to piracy when their party is kidnapped, and Lyn’s fear of a fairy tale turns grim.

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Want to see a little more about the book? Check out A Change of Plans book trailer.

My Review:

I had the privilege of being a beta reader for this story about two years ago. I have to say, I love Donna’s writing. And I love this story. It’s steamy enough to satisfy most romance readers cravings yet clean enough for the sensitive reader. Lyn and Braedon are two of my favorite characters.  The story is told from Lyn’s point of view as she and her best friend Elle embark on a month long cruise in the Pacific. I have to say not hearing things from Braedon’s point of view would be my only complaint – put that’s just a personal preference. And because Braedon is completely swoon worthy and almost too good to be true. A perfect romantic hero!

It took me a few chapters to get into it because I had to get out of the “hey, that changed” mode. The story sucked me in and even though I knew what was coming, I still cried…in several places (darn you Donna!).  I love Elle and their new friend Jori. BTW, Jori is getting his own story *clapshands* I would definitely recommend this book to, well, everyone. The characters will pull you in, make you care, and there are a few twists included just to keep the reader on their toes.  A great first book from Donna. Can’t wait to read the next one!

Donna is on ‘tour’ this week. You can catch the other stops here if you want to see what others have to say about A Change of Plans.

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donna-k-weaverAbout Donna K. Weaver:

Donna K. Weaver is a Navy brat who joined the Army and has lived in Asia and Europe.

Because she sailed the Pacific three times as a child, she loves cruising and wishes she could accrue enough vacation time to do more of it with her husband.

Donna and her husband have six children and eight grandchildren who live all over the world.
At fifty, Donna decided to study karate and earned her black belt in Shorei Kempo.

After recording city council minutes for twenty years, Donna decided to write something a little longer and with a lot more emotion–and kissing.

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