The sales aspect of writing


The temps are starting to rise here in south Texas. This looks like a nice cool place to sit and relax, maybe get some writing done. Or maybe just pick up some inspiration and recharge the old creative batteries.

Especially after these past few weeks.

I’ve talked about how much I dislike sales here. I’m slowly starting to find the balance. This weekend was my first book signing, promoting the When Love trilogy. It was held at a local used book store. The owner is also nice enough to let us have our writers group meetings there.

Wanna know what I learned? I sold books to people I just knew were going to shoot me down because I talked to them.  I had a fifteen minute discussion with one woman. It was pretty cool. 😀 I really think it was more of how I carried, or ‘sold’ myself, than the books themselves. And that just might be the key. I’ve been up on stage signing before, where you have to sell the performance to the audience with your voice and the song. Translate that to speaking and I just might be able to handle this whole sales thing.

Do I still hate sales? Yes. Is self-promotion annoying to do? Yep. BUT I think I’m slowly starting to find the balance. I think the one woman bought all my books because not only did I talk to her, I was able to answer all the questions she fired in my direction. Will that happen every time? I seriously doubt it. One person walked in and asked about an author I’d never heard before. I saw the esteem drop as I said it and she never revisited the table. That’s okay. Everyone has different reading tastes.

There was one question I was asked frequently. “Is this like that 50 Shades book?” sigh  “No ma’am. It’s a romance, but not like that one.” LOL It was kind of funny, but a little frustrating. I don’t know if it’s just because of the media saturation that series received or if it’s because there are so many sub-genres and levels of romance and steam that readers don’t know?

If it’s a confusion thing, then I have the perfect opportunity to promote romance and help it shed some of the stigma that still surrounds the genre. Having that passion toward what I do and help promote not only the genre but other writers within, will help me promote my books better than me beating people over the head with a stick saying “Buy My Book!” Or at least, that’s my wish.

Have a great week. Happy graduation to those graduating on Friday and have a safe Memorial Weekend. I’ve got three book reviews coming up so I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about all that.



3 thoughts on “The sales aspect of writing

  1. I’m thinking the same as Donna…Isn’t it nice to say your book ISN’T like Shades? 😀 Had a long conversation about that at work this last week.

    I’m with you on hating sales but I think if you keep yourself real your work will sell. And you know I’m cheering you on from the wings.

    1. Thanks Raelyn. I guess I just got a little frustrated that 50SoG is the first thing people think of now when you say romance. I guess the genre will always fight against the public’s perception. I’ve got some awesome cheerleaders!! 😀

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