Release week and helping others.

Wow. Has this last week been crazy! It took Amazon and Barnes and Noble a lot longer to upload this last book than it did the previous two. Lesson learned! From now on, I’m uploading them over the weekend for sale on Tuesdays, like the rest of the new releases! Craziness.

I just want to do this…

Anyway, the trilogy is now out there. I keep comparing the first book to a child out of house for the first time. After being with me for 18 years, it was finally time for the story to be out on its own and in the world making a way for itself.

Do I still have anything to learn about writing? Tons. Are the stories perfect? Probably not. But they’re perfect for the point in my life that I ended the stories.

I just hope that someone, somewhere, gets a few hours of enjoyment out of them and maybe even feels a little bit for the characters. There are more characters and stories clamoring to be told, so there will be more stories out there from this author trying to keep up with her passion.

Now that the last book is written, I can take some time to do a little reading. I have three book reviews coming up. I swear, my to be read pile is probably ten times larger than it was before I started writing seriously. It’s insane! There are so many talented writers out there. Luckily, I’ve found a community that is by and large supportive of its colleagues. I’ve never seen so many willing to help others.

Speaking of helping, Dave Farland, author of the Runelord series, aka Dave Wolverton is an author in need of a little help. his son Ben has been in the hospital for a little over a month after a longboarding accident. He’s finally moving to physical rehabilitation. His progress has been made in leaps in bounds. Dave could still use help. Here are the links, if you feel like donating or contacting the family. Here is a Galley Cat article describing the accident. You can go to the Fund Me project and donate.

Have a great week.


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