Murphy’s recent vet experience

It’s been one of those weeks. Sunday, we took Murphy to the vet. Not his normal vet, but they treated him well. Murphy’s been fighting a bladder infection and it got to the point where…remember, I’m not a vet, I’m just regurgitating what I was told…a few struvite crystals formed in his apparently tiny urethra which caused a blockage. In layman’s terms, he couldn’t pee and he was miserable. Talking, hunkered down in the hallway, afraid to move, staring at the litter box longingly, type of hurt. He’d already been once and been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, given antibiotics, pain meds and cranberry pills. Yes, even animals get to take cranberry to clean out the system.

So Sunday, two weeks after the first visit, he’s in pain again. The vet catheterized him to relieve the pressure. We saw him a few hours later and he was a happy kitteh again. Pissed that he wasn’t going home but he had a happy bladder at least. Surgery was suggested to open the urethra, but after having the process explained to me, the hubby and I don’t feel anywhere near comfortable doing that to him yet. I brought him home Tuesday at lunch and he’s slowly adjusting to having to urinate normally.

We’re going to try and help him along with diet. A food formulated for urinary tract health – Murphy is one of those who doesn’t drink a lot and he’s a very conscious eater. I never have to worry about him gaining too much weight. The vet also suggested a fountain to entice him to drink. We’ve tried that. Four different times to be exact. He doesn’t like the sound of the motor or the water splashing up at him. I also don’t want to get him or Charlie started on drinking water out of the tap. Our city water is horrible and I don’t even drink it unfiltered. Too much chlorimide in it. – blech.

Tuesday afternoon, the hubby was worried because Murphy hadn’t evacuated his bladder on his own since I brought him home. So another six hours basically without him urinating. I actually didn’t panic because I had a trick up my sleeve. I went momma kitten on him. Yep. Wet, warm washcloth to the hiney. And it worked. I guess he was tender back there and didn’t like it at first. But once he started going, I could feel his entire body relax and he just laid against the washcloth. He went a few more times after that, but he’s been able to make it to the litter box instead of having that uncontrollable urge to squat where he stands. Then he relapsed back to squatting when the urge hits. Hubby thinks he might associate the litter box with the pain of not going. So it feels like we’re litter box retraining him. Exhausting to say the least.

His regular vet said to keep him on the urinary tract health foods for a few months, then to start getting more protein based food into him and limit the amount of dry food. Still balking at the potential cost of this. Murphy’s health comes first though. It’s a commitment we made when we decided to delve back into pet ownership.

I’m curious. Has anyone else had to deal with something similar in their pets? What were your home remedies?

Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll post a Smurph update in a week or two.





7 thoughts on “Murphy’s recent vet experience

  1. Aw, poor baby.

    I actually had a cat with a fear of the litter box, though I have no idea if it stemmed from a UTI or not. By moving the box and changing the litter we got back on track pretty quickly.

    I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Awwwww, the poor little thing 😦

    I hope you can get this resolved soon. I’ve just joined a great Cat group of FaceBook who seem to be a wealth of knowledge about cats health and stuff. But no, sorry, I’ve never had any experience of this myself.

    Good luck!


    1. Thanks Vikki! He’s getting better. Had to take him back for a shot to settle his stomach because the medicated food made him throw up. Poor guy. He’s not 100% yet, but a heck of a lot better than he was Tuesday when he came home. Now to put back on him the 3/4 of a pound he’s lost.

        1. He’s better. Still having accidents but doesn’t seem to be blocked at all. Had to take him in Friday for a shot to settle his stomach. The medicated urinary tract canned food made him throw up so we’re going to try a different one. I’m steam cleaning the carpets today to get all the lingering odors out so he’ll have no reason to hit those spots again. We’ve been spot cleaning as they happen, but I want to do a deep clean. We’ll see how he reacts to the new food. Thanks for asking Vikki!

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