Book Lovers Luncheon hangover

This past weekend I attended my first event as a published author. Apparently, I’m a big baby because I only lasted about an hour after I got home before falling asleep! LOL. Normally, not a big deal. This time? Well, let’s just say I hope it’s a long, long time before I see the face of insomnia again.

The drive to Boothe House was pretty, the Texas wildflowers are slowly making an appearance. After dodging a few armadillo (playing as road decorations) and a few boat-hauling trucks, I arrived at the bed and breakfast.

Boothe House B&B
Boothe House B&B

So tell me again how this could have been a bad day? Book lovers, a gorgeous setting and a sunny south Texas day. Michelle, the purveyor and book lover extraordinaire, set us up with lunch and a very relaxed, informal setting where myself, Sasha Summers and Debbie Roppolo sat talking to five other book lovers. I think it was a success considering the readers outnumbered the writers! 🙂

Michelle set up a beautiful lunch for us including homemade chicken salad with grapes – something I’ve never had but am anxious to make and a homemade blackberry, white chocolate cheesecake. Mmm.

As always, I learned more about great books out there that I somehow haven’t read. John and Mary, guests at the B&B, came down for the weekend from San Antonio and kept us on our toes. Melissa and her mother Patricia kept the conversation going and definitely know their books! I had a great time talking with all of them.

It was a fantastic afternoon of chatting with fellow readers and I’m so glad I went. If you are ever driving around the Texas countryside, stop by and say hi to Michelle there in Gonzales. Also you can check out Debbie Roppolo’s Amelia Frump series for young adult or Sasha Summers Gods of Olympus Series or the Red Carpet Series. Don’t forget about the first two of mine in the When Love trilogy.

We’re scheming to do something next year…we’ll keep you in the loop 🙂



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